• Buhner's favorite toxin binders and herx herbs Buhner’s favorite toxin binders and herx herbs
    Dear Stephen, What is your favorite toxin binder or herx herb?
  • Treating co-infections first Treating co-infections first
    Dear Stephen, Do you suggest also treating bartonella before lyme? Should I stop the core protocol and treat the co-infections first or add herbs for treating the bartonella and babesia to the core protocol?
  • Chlorella reaction Chlorella reaction
    Dear Dr. Rea, When I include chlorella or any type of algae in my protocol for detoxing I get a severe neurological reaction with systemic inflammation. Could I be allergic to the algae or could the chlorella be causing me to detox heavy metals too fast?
  • Toxin binders for sauna treatment Toxin binders for sauna treatment
    Dear Dr. Rea, What is best to use to reduce the toxins at sauna time: charcoal, psyllium husks, flaxseed meal, bentonite clay, cholestyramine, chlorella, limu moui, modifilan, or zeolite liquid?
  • Mercury Mercury
    Dear Stephen, I tested positive for mercury via DMSA provocation, and I think that's as big of a problem as the Lyme disease. What ways can I get heavy metals down safely?