• Herbal Protocol: Cowden Herbal Protocol: Cowden
    Lyme protocol using various herbs from Peru, nutritional supplements, and dietary recommendations, including Samento (TOA-free Cat's Claw), Cumanda, Quina, Burbur, Bromelain, Chlorella, and Magnesium Malate.
  • About to go on Cowden protocol About to go on Cowden protocol
    Dear Stephen, I have had MCS for 15 years (along with CFIDS and FM). The last six years I have also had uveitis (iritis) in one eye. Will the Cowden protocol help with uveitis?
  • Samento with acid blocker? Samento with acid blocker?
    Dear Stephen, I take antibiotics and Cowden herbs, as well as prilosic for acid reflux—is it ok to take samento, cumanda and quina with this?
  • Cumanda Cumanda
    Dear Stephen, What is your opinion about the efficacy and safety of Cumanda as a treatment for Lyme neuroborreliosis?