elevated liver enzymes

  • Elevated liver enzymes Elevated liver enzymes
    Dear Stephen, In the past when people have reported elevated liver enzymes, you have leaned toward andrographis as the possible culprit - is this still the case?
  • Andrographis and elevated liver enzymes Andrographis and elevated liver enzymes
    Dear Stephen, My daughter is on the Cowden protocol and has had slightly raised liver enzymes. She recently added andrographis and her liver enzymes are now even higher.
  • Thyroid and adrenals Thyroid and adrenals
    Dear Stephen, I spent some time living in the South Pacific. A year after returning back to the States, I started getting gastro symptoms. Is it possible that I got a bug overseas and it made Lyme surface?
  • Liver support/toxicity Liver support/toxicity
    Dear Stephen, Do you see liver problems with boneset? What herbs would you add for bartonella that are more gentle on the liver?
  • High liver enzymes High liver enzymes
    Dear Stephen, I am having a problem with high liver enzymes. I am on the core protocol. I have heard a warning about cat's claw being a problem with the liver.