emotional symptoms

  • emotional health emotional health
    Emotional toxicity can derail health as much as toxic chemicals and bacteria can. Learning how to process emotion and past traumas, and communicate effectively with others can help keep you physically healthy!
  • Cryptolepis Cryptolepis
    Dear Stephen, I've been treating Lyme for over a year now with antibiotics, and have made 85% progress. Can I take cryptolepis with antibiotics such as Ceftin? What about Flagyl?
  • Mycoplasma Mycoplasma
    Dear Stephen, In June I had some blood microscopy done by a ND. She and I both saw big-time mycoplasma, and I was wondering if that was hindering my recovery.
  • Toxicity/die-off with protocol Toxicity/die-off with protocol
    Dear Stephen, I have read that herxing too much is not necessarily helpful even if it is a sign of die-off.
  • Feeling emotionally flat Feeling emotionally flat
    Dear Stephen, One symptom that really bothers me and makes me unsociable is feeling mentally flat and disconnected...would any of the herbs help with this symptom?
  • Reaction to low dose andrographis Reaction to low dose andrographis
    Dear Stephen, I started andrographis this week and had a rather severe emotional reaction: depression, irritability, and insomnia.
  • Emotional symptoms Emotional symptoms
    Dear Stephen, When on antibiotics one particularly disturbing effect was an emotionally out of control feeling (despair, hopelessness, crying for hours). I get a milder version of this with your herbs.