liver support

  • Reacting to turmeric Reacting to turmeric
    Dear Stephen, I discovered that I become quite sick if I take turmeric. The response is not immediate, but more like 12-48 hours after taking the turmeric. I become very weak and sick and feel toxic all over.
  • Herbs for Hepatitis B Herbs for Hepatitis B
    Dear Stephen, What do you know about schisandra and it's use for the liver? My son is a Hepatitis B carrier (from birth in Korea) and is now on your basic protocol for lyme.
  • detoxification detoxification
    In a modern world full of contaminants in our air, water, and food sources, detoxification should be part of everyone's daily ritual.
  • organ health organ health
    Use nutrition, exercise, and healing rituals to keep your body organs in optimal shape.
  • Liver support/toxicity Liver support/toxicity
    Dear Stephen, Do you see liver problems with boneset? What herbs would you add for bartonella that are more gentle on the liver?
  • Support for the liver Support for the liver
    Dear Susun, What do I need to know about supporting my liver? Are there good herbs to use—and any to avoid?
  • Phase I and phase II liver issues Phase I and phase II liver issues
    Dear Stephen, Liver testing showed a fast phase I and a slow phase II. Is there anything you would recommend I do differently to address this issue before starting your herbal protocol?
  • High liver enzymes High liver enzymes
    Dear Stephen, I am having a problem with high liver enzymes. I am on the core protocol. I have heard a warning about cat's claw being a problem with the liver.