• Chemical injury vs. biotoxin-related illnesses Chemical injury vs. biotoxin-related illnesses
    Dear Dr. Rea, Are there any generalizations you can make about the way chemical sensitivity presents in people with chemical injury vs. those with a biotoxin illness?
  • Help for migraines! Help for migraines!
    Dear Susun, I often get excruciating migraines as a result of exposures to chemicals and excess EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies). Aside from avoiding those triggers, what can I do naturally to help when that happens?
  • Julie and her environment: Julie and her environment:
    "...the woman in the pictures was her friend and collaborator, Clover Morell;...she could not go because of her illness. What illness could keep someone out of the Czech Republic, I wondered?"
  • Mycotoxicosis Mycotoxicosis
    Dear Dr. Rea, Can you explain the three stages of mycotoxicosis in layman's terms so we are not so fearful of the diagnosis?
  • Recovering ES sufferer Recovering ES sufferer
    Dear Dr. Rea, I have been in recovery from extreme electrical sensitivity for 5 years now...If the toxins mess up acetylcholine, how do I replace or repair the nerves? Basically, how do I recover? Thanks.
  • Mold testing Mold testing
    Dear Dr. Rea, Can I check to see if there are enough mold spores present to be making me ill? I haven't felt well, but am not sure of the cause... new prefinished flooring, mold spores, or construction about 1/4 mile away.
  • Mercury chelation Mercury chelation
    Dear Dr. Rea, Once chemical sensitivity symptoms present, how safe is it to chelate mercury (assuming there are no amalgams present)? If chelation is possible, what is the safest way to achieve this?
  • Reducing reactions as they occur Reducing reactions as they occur
    Dear Dr. Rea, Is it possible to reduce chemical reactions as they occur? What do you suggest to your patients?
  • Correlation between ES and MCS Correlation between ES and MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, Is there a correlation between electromagnetic sensitivity and chemical sensitivity?
  • Unable to handle extremes in temperatures Unable to handle extremes in temperatures
    Dear Dr. Rea, I am unable to handle extremes in temperatures. I have heard of others with chemical sensitivity who have this problem. Is this something that can be resolved with treatment?
  • Treating chemical intolerance at home Treating chemical intolerance at home
    Dear Dr. Rea, Many of us with chemical injury/illness either have no insurance or are financially unable to seek medical treatment. What are some things folks can do at home that will help them begin to heal?
  • Milk thistle tincture very bitter Milk thistle tincture very bitter
    I have MCS and recently began taking milk thistle tincture before venturing into difficult environments. I've been very impressed however, the taste leaves much to be desired!
  • Protecting the blood brain barrier Protecting the blood brain barrier
    Dear Susun, I'm chemically sensitive and one thing I'm wondering about is milk thistle vs. glutathione.
  • Wine and healing Wine and healing
    Dear Susun, Is wine okay to drink when you are healing from a health condition?
  • umbilicus umbilicus
    nighttime at the hitching post of the sun | the absence more present than the presence | and the presence of something | previously unknown but familiar hovering
  • canary blues canary blues
    there’s a god point she said in the limbic brain | with the ability to soften perceived threats | white lawn care vans for example | into feet tingling joy pelvis goes with that | the bowl opening to receive
  • Who Is That Bubble Girl? Who Is That Bubble Girl?
    I have to live a life immaculately free of chemicals: a bubble life. And by chemicals, I mean, the crap that has infiltrated almost every known product since WWII.
  • Tips for those with MCS Tips for those with MCS
    Dear Susun, Other than a stinging nettles infusion and avoidance, do you have any other health promoting tips for those with MCS?
  • saying no saying no
    Every once in a while | when I’m not busy trying to adapt— | i.e. find an air filter that won’t make me sick | scrub the dryer with vinegar to get the Bounce out
  • sabbath sabbath
    you forgot that it was possible | too bogged down in the myth of industriousness | to value broken | how certain artists make ordinary beauty from their shame
  • January 2006 January 2006
    you are in the middle of | a transformational process | she said | which began 24 human months ago | does that mean it’ll end and if so how | there are no guarantees | I told my almost lover | it was cold by the window | and he walked away I wanted to too | but where would I go
  • Infiltration Infiltration
    Driving down the canyon, sun slanted, squinting, listening to Joan Didion talk about her faith, it occurs to me: this is not death, this is moving on. I repeat it over and over, never having learned this before,
  • about faith about faith
    1. Shana Tova. How has it been? he asks, | the beautiful man with the sad eyes who I see each year | on this day, in the same spot, his tallis on his | shoulders, his white kipah covering his head. | Rough, I say.