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  • Fierce Bodies: Non-toxic products for the fiercely natural Fierce Bodies: Non-toxic products for the fiercely natural
    Introducing Fierce Bodies, a new, start-up personal care product company committed to making products as natural and allergen-free as possible for those with sensitive skin and bodies.
  • Less toxic hair salons Less toxic hair salons
    by Julie Genser | I recently did a search online for less toxic hair salons and stylists to see if I could find any near me and was surprised to find quite a few across the country.
  • Personal Care Products Personal Care Products
    Chemical-free personal care product companies like Karen's Naturals and Dakota Free use minimal ingredients (with full disclosure), usually with a base of organic oils like jojoba, coconut or olive.
  • The Truth About Tattoos The Truth About Tattoos
    by Julie Genser | A frighteningly growing number of teens and young adults around the world are injecting dangerous chemicals under their skin in the name of art and self-expression.
  • Greenwashing Greenwashing
    Have you noticed over the last year how virtually every large corporation is trying to make consumers believe their products are "Earth friendly?" Everything from toxic cosmetics to smog-producing...