• My experience with an Earthing sheet My experience with an Earthing sheet
    I had an immediate, powerfully positive response to the Earthing bedsheet during a recent stay at a retreat center that offers all its guests an Earthing experience. I ordered my own sheet online the very next day.
  • Progesterone patch as a sleep aid? Progesterone patch as a sleep aid?
    Dear Stephen, Would a bio identical progesterone patch to help me sleep be counter-productive to taking the lyme herbs? Are there any comments or suggestions you have to aid in sleep?
  • Herb for lyme insomnia Herb for lyme insomnia
    Dear Stephen, I saw a video of you speaking at an autism meeting and you mentioned an herb for sleeping, I believe you said it was a liquid and that you took too many drops. Do you remember what herb it was?
  • restful sleep restful sleep
    Create a healing sleep oasis in your home so your body can enjoy restorative sleep each night. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day!
  • Dying For Some Zzz's! Dying For Some Zzz’s!
    by Connie Strasheim | It's midnight, and you've been lying awake for two hours, your thoughts on fast forward as you toss and turn like a vegetable kabob over a spit.