Susun Weed

  • Medicinal mushrooms Medicinal mushrooms
    Dear Susun, What are the best ways to ingest medicinal mushrooms such as Reishii - as food; or are tinctures a good way to preserve the medicinal components?
  • Heavy bleeding during menstruation Heavy bleeding during menstruation
    Dear Susun, I just got my first period since being on Vitex and already have a wonderful improvement. Now I need to decrease the duration and intensity of the bleeding.
  • Natural solutions for PMS Natural solutions for PMS
    Dear Susun, Is there something natural that would help with severe pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)? I'm completely done with trying antidepressants. But I still suffer and could really use some help.
  • Adhesions Adhesions
    Dear Susun, Have you ever worked with adhesions? I have them all throughout my abdominal/pelvic area, esophagus, diaphragm, ribs, and lungs.
  • Cessation of menses Cessation of menses
    Dear Susun, My period stopped and my doctor wants to put me on synthetic hormones. I would like to avoid taking synthetic hormones - can you help?
  • Increasing fertility the natural way Increasing fertility the natural way
    Dear Susun, Do you have any tips on how to increase fertility - are there supplements that can help? I've heard of using red clover tincture - is that really effective?
  • Digestive distress with menopause Digestive distress with menopause
    Dear Susun, I am new to menopause. Are digestive issues associated with this life change, and do you have suggestions from the Wise Woman tradition to deal with digestive issues naturally?
  • Natural approach to bladder infections Natural approach to bladder infections
    Dear Susun, What is the Wise Women Way approach to healing bladder infections? I hope you can help me - I've tried so many things and nothing has helped long-term.
  • The Wise Woman Way empowers women The Wise Woman Way empowers women
    The Wise Woman Tradition is the oldest known healing tradition on our planet. It offers a unique view of health that is woman-centered and deeply empowering to women.
  • The spirit of simples The spirit of simples
    Dear Susun, I am starting to study herbs and wanted to know what "simples" are and why you prefer them over herbal combinations.
  • Addicted to garlic Addicted to garlic
    Dear Susun, I think I am addicted to garlic. I eat at least 2-3 raw cloves a day...can you suggest some ways to incorporate garlic into my diet?
  • Ten tips for a healthy heart Ten tips for a healthy heart
    Hi Susun, As I age, I'm becoming concerned about the health of my heart. What can you recommend to keep it fit and toned, in terms of exercise and nutrition?
  • Herbal birth control Herbal birth control
    Dear Susun, Is there an herbal approach to birth control? As far as natural birth control methods go, I've only heard of the rhythm method.
  • Practitioner Phone Consultations Practitioner Phone Consultations
    Experts in environmental medicine (including William J. Rea, M.D. and Gloria Gilbère, ND, DA Hom, PhD) and natural healing (like Susun Weed and Donna Gates) offer phone consultations at various rates.