• Orthostatic intolerance and tinctures Orthostatic intolerance and tinctures
    Dear Stephen, I seem to have orthostatic intolerance (OI) issues that are made worse with herbs that are classed as vasodilators...interestingly, I discovered that I can better tolerate these same herbs when taken in tincture form rather than powder.
  • Red root tincture or whole herb? Red root tincture or whole herb?
    Dear Stephen, I think Red Root would be useful to me but you state that tinctures are not good in old cases, while dosages of this herb are only listed in tincture. What would you recommend?
  • Knotweed preparation Knotweed preparation
    Dear Stephen, In a previously answered question in your column about "capsule vs. decoction," you wrote to someone about using the whole herb or whole form, tinctures, and decoctions with regards to knotweed.
  • Teas/tinctures darkening my teeth Teas/tinctures darkening my teeth
    Dear Stephen, I've had trouble with some herbal teas/tinctures darkening my teeth since my enamel is thinning/gums are receding somewhat.
  • Translating tincture dosages Translating tincture dosages
    Dear Stephen, Is there some general formula or guideline we can use to convert your whole herb doses to tincture drops?
  • Biopure tinctures Biopure tinctures
    Dear Stephen, What do you think about Biopure tinctures? Do you still think the whole herb is better/ safer than these tinctures?