vegetable dish

  • Parsnip apple mash Parsnip apple mash
    by Kim Christensen | The flavor of this dish is striking. It is sweet and nutty, with a rich texture that will surely win over any mashed potato lover.
  • Butternut squash latkes for Hanukkah Butternut squash latkes for Hanukkah
    by Elana Amsterdam | This gluten free latke recipe is one of my all time favorite dishes. Sweet in flavor and fried to a crisp – what could be better?
  • Roasted acorn squash Roasted acorn squash
    by Elana Amsterdam | I serve my squash with ground cinnamon and a touch of additional coconut oil. It tastes like an ambrosial dessert, even though squash is a healthy (and lower calorie) food.
  • Broccoli rabe with garlic Broccoli rabe with garlic
    by Elana Amsterdam | I confess, I have an addiction to broccoli rabe. I love the bitter flavor and have always believed that bitter is such an important, yet under rated flavor in our culture.
  • Spicy mustard greens Spicy mustard greens
    by Kim Christensen | When I don't want to think about what I'm making for dinner, I default to a making greens with onions, garlic, and spices. Easy greens recipes like this are a staple in my kitchen.
  • Oven roasted broccoli Oven roasted broccoli
    by Elana Amsterdam | My boys inhale this naturally gluten free roasted broccoli dish whenever I make it.
  • Baked lemon kale chips Baked lemon kale chips
    by Elana Amsterdam | We are loving these Lemon Kale Chips. I can't make enough of them --the boys scarf them down hot out of the oven.
  • Cauliflower rice Cauliflower rice
    A tasty, nutritious, grain-free, alternative to white rice for those that follow a Primal or Paleo eating plan. Works for the Atkins people too.
  • Baked carrot oven french fries Baked carrot oven french fries
    by Elana Amsterdam | My boys love these carrot fries hot out of the oven. I like baking them as it eliminates the messy splattering that results from the typical preparation of French fries -- frying.
  • Kale with gomasio Kale with gomasio
    This savory gluten-free vegetable dish is perfect for a cozy winter meal.
  • Spinach cakes Spinach cakes
    What to do with all the spinach crowding out the other greens in the veggie drawer of the fridge? Spinach cake of course!
  • Spicy zucchini and chana dal Spicy zucchini and chana dal
    Warmly spiced and very flavorful, this recipe is a hit.
  • Rutabaga fries Rutabaga fries
    Rutabagas are full of vitamin C and fiber, and have naturally antibacterial properties like all crucifers. Rock on!
  • Acorn squash with cranberry apple stuffing Acorn squash with cranberry apple stuffing
    Mmm, mmm, mmm. Need we say more?!