vitamin C

  • Salt / Vitamin C Salt / Vitamin C
    Based on the theory that increasing sodium chloride concentration in the body will create a hostile environment for certain Lyme bacteria and co-infectors causing them to die from osmotic shock.
  • Severe skin burning Severe skin burning
    Dear Stephen, My primary symptom from Lyme is severe skin burning. I have not been able to wear shoes/socks for five years. What do you suggest to stop this awful pain?
  • Vitamin C and glutathione precursors Vitamin C and glutathione precursors
    Dear Stephen, My questions concern your collagenous tissue support protocol: 1) You recommend vitamin C. Is there a particular form which is better? 2) You also recommend ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) in order to raise amount of glutathione.
  • Food/herb forms of vitamin C Food/herb forms of vitamin C
    Dear Stephen, I'd like to follow your collagenous tissue support protocol - can you recommend herbs that could be substituted for the recommended supplements for those of us who want to stick to whole foods and herbs?