• Lyme herbs source in the UK Lyme herbs source in the UK
    Dear Stephen, The fact that we need to build up to so many capsules is a bit daunting, in terms of the cost in the UK. Do you know of anywhere I could buy in bulk that would deliver here?
  • Wild-harvesting Japanese knotweed Wild-harvesting Japanese knotweed
    Dear Stephen, I just found that I have tons of Japanese knotweed at home. How can I use it - dosage, root only or root and stem (young ones or full grown)?
  • nourishing food nourishing food
    The food we eat is the energy we supply our body with; what we put in our mouths becomes our cells, tissues, organs, and thoughts. Choose the highest quality nutrients for the highest functioning body and mind.
  • Urban harvesting Urban harvesting
    Dear Susun, I live in a large urban area and am wondering if there is a safe distance away from traffic that needs to be adhered to when harvesting wild plants in the city.