Wise Woman Way tradition

  • Medicinal mushrooms Medicinal mushrooms
    Dear Susun, What are the best ways to ingest medicinal mushrooms such as Reishii - as food; or are tinctures a good way to preserve the medicinal components?
  • Heavy bleeding during menstruation Heavy bleeding during menstruation
    Dear Susun, I just got my first period since being on Vitex and already have a wonderful improvement. Now I need to decrease the duration and intensity of the bleeding.
  • Adhesions Adhesions
    Dear Susun, Have you ever worked with adhesions? I have them all throughout my abdominal/pelvic area, esophagus, diaphragm, ribs, and lungs.
  • Cessation of menses Cessation of menses
    Dear Susun, My period stopped and my doctor wants to put me on synthetic hormones. I would like to avoid taking synthetic hormones - can you help?
  • Increasing fertility the natural way Increasing fertility the natural way
    Dear Susun, Do you have any tips on how to increase fertility - are there supplements that can help? I've heard of using red clover tincture - is that really effective?
  • Digestive distress with menopause Digestive distress with menopause
    Dear Susun, I am new to menopause. Are digestive issues associated with this life change, and do you have suggestions from the Wise Woman tradition to deal with digestive issues naturally?
  • Natural approach to bladder infections Natural approach to bladder infections
    Dear Susun, What is the Wise Women Way approach to healing bladder infections? I hope you can help me - I've tried so many things and nothing has helped long-term.
  • The Wise Woman Way empowers women The Wise Woman Way empowers women
    The Wise Woman Tradition is the oldest known healing tradition on our planet. It offers a unique view of health that is woman-centered and deeply empowering to women.
  • Three traditions of healing Three traditions of healing
    I read some of your books a few years ago and loved your explanation of the "Wise Woman Way" in comparison with other systems of healing. Can you explain what those are?