Animal Scans

Animal ScanI am certified to work with pets — including cats, dogs and horses. Cats are particularly sensitive to this work, and often you will see results very quickly after starting the infoceuticals.

To scan your animal, you must purchase either a scanner or the miHealth. The scanner is currently sold at cost by NES for $50. Infoceuticals are typically given to your pets topically, on their fur. They can also be added to drinking water for dogs and horses.

I’ve had several cat clients already and have seen positive results. One of the cats was having aggression issues with its owner and other cats in the household. After starting the drops, the behavior improved and the aggression went away. The owner was encouraged to go to other practitioners (animal chiropractor, myofascial release practitioner, holistic vet) to determine if there was a chronic pain issue causing the aggression. They were also given dietary suggestions to help improve digestion and overall health.

Animal ScanMy cat Alice was having issues with her eyes being very goopy. After starting the drops, the eyes cleared up. I stopped the drops mid-cycle because I was having difficulty being consistent due to her being outdoors for long periods of time, and the eye issue returned. This was a clear indication how important it is for all clients to finish the infoceutical remedies as prescribed for truly lasting results.

A great thing about this work is that it all can be done remotely. There is no need to incur transportation/overnight accommodation costs to travel my office to receive treatment for yourself or your pet. This makes it ideal for chemically sensitive clients, and also ideal during a pandemic lockdown like the one we’ve been experiencing the past year.

NES Health miHealth TreatmentBioenergetic work is ideal for animals, as they don’t have the judgemental or overactive “monkey mind” to interfere with receiving the benefits. Everything is perceived and received on the energetic level.

NES Health practitioners Bruno Beyne and Hans Callewaert are working with an elephant who was rescued from the circus. Here they are giving a miHealth treatment to the elephant. This is truly remarkable work!

My rates for pets:

Scanner: $50
Initial Consultation/Full Scan Review: $150 (60-90 minutes)
Follow-Up Scan Review: $100 (45-60 minutes)
Infoceutical Remedies: $30/bottle plus tax + shipping (anywhere from 3-6 bottles will be recommended based on the scan results)
Remote miHealth Session: $25/hour

Julie Genser, founder of Planet Thrive

Work with Julie

Founder of Planet Thrive


I’m a Certified NES Health Practitioner of Bioenergetics. I’m also a Certified Holistic Health Coach + graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in NYC.

I’ve managed my website + social network Planet Thrive (and related sites) for over ten years now. I have had a lot of exposure to various chronic + serious health conditions both in the work that I do and in my own body.

I use this broad-ranging experience and learned body wisdom to help people balance their energy field and make simple + affordable — yet vital — changes to their diet and lifestyle to support vibrant health!


I’d love to gift you a FREE SCAN* today! When you complete your voice scan, you’ll have immediate access to the top three screens so you can see for yourself how powerful this work is.

To get your FREE SCAN, please register as my client. You will be under NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything or become a paying client. It’s my gift to you!

* Note: Free Mini Scans are only available for humans. To scan an animal, you will need to purchase a scanner for $50.

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