Energy 4 LifeEnergy4Life is a powerful, science-based Lifestyle course that guides you step-by-step toward healthier living. This course offers 24 video lessons, each about 30-60 minutes long, guiding you on topics ranging across Body, Mind, Environment, and Social issues, with 6 lessons in each of these areas.

You’ll learn how to make better decisions around eating, cleaning up your environment, keeping a positive mindset, and improving relationships with those around you.

At one video per week, the Energy 4 Life course provides guidance throughout 6 months at a pace you can keep up with.

You can choose whether to work with me by getting scans of your energy field monthly and taking the recommended infoceuticals during this time, as well, for a truly holistic experience.

If you’d like to sample the course, click here to register as my client and then add the “Bioenergetic Lifestyle Course Sample” to your cart in our online shop (at no cost to you!). You’ll get immediate access to four lessons from the program.

To find out more about the Energy4Life course, see my E4L website.


To get your FREE COPY of the Energy 4 Life book, click here + learn how our body has a battery that must be charged and a control system that no one is talking about. Discover the secrets of charging up and maximizing your use of energy to power a happier, more fulfilling life!

I took this course myself and was extremely impressed with the depth + scope of information shared. This is cutting edge information that very few people are teaching. The best part is that most of the action points are absolutely free to incorporate into your lifestyle. No expensive products to buy or practitioners to hire. All it takes is your own dedication + commitment to improve your health + your life!

Julie Genser, founder of Planet Thrive

Work with Julie

Founder of Planet Thrive


I’m a Certified NES Health Practitioner of Bioenergetics. I’m also a Certified Holistic Health Coach + graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in NYC.

I’ve managed my website + social network Planet Thrive (and related sites) for over ten years now. I have had a lot of exposure to various chronic + serious health conditions both in the work that I do and in my own body.

I use this broad-ranging experience and learned body wisdom to help people balance their energy field and make simple + affordable — yet vital — changes to their diet and lifestyle to support vibrant health!


I’d love to gift you a FREE SCAN* today! When you complete your voice scan, you’ll have immediate access to the top three screens so you can see for yourself how powerful this work is.

To get your FREE SCAN, please register as my client. You will be under NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything or become a paying client. It’s my gift to you!

* Note: Free Mini Scans are only available for humans. To scan an animal, you will need to purchase a scanner for $50.

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