recovery basics

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Tools for Healing

When a person falls out of health, it is common to wish more than anything that someone would just tell them exactly what to do to get better, or give them a pill to quickly take away their ills. But for the vast majority of us affected by complex environmentally based illnesses caused by tick-borne bacteria, chemical injury, electromagnetic radiation, heavy metal poisoning, and toxic mold and other biotoxins, there is no magic potion to set things right.

Rather, healing is a complex and convoluted journey that takes many turns and may not always make sense. There is no way to know how long it will take to recover one’s health – for some just a few weeks, for others, many years or a lifetime can pass by. So from our perspective, the best thing one can do is embrace the road to health as a healing journey – something that holds not only pain and confusion but valuable lessons about life, yourself, the world and provides an unfolding that brings you closer to your core essence, and your core needs. When we can accept suffering as teacher, we open up to all the beauty found in the shadows of life.

Here at Planet Thrive, we believe that healing is possible. We believe that there are many roads one can take to improve their health; there is no right or wrong way. We believe in the power of whole foods. And in the power of love and hope. We believe in supporting the body in all the ways we can, because the body knows best how to self-heal. Sometimes doing nothing is the best healing we can do. We hope you find useful tools on these pages to add to your healing toolbox.

We don’t have any answers; we are still on the journey ourselves. But we’re here to share what we know and what we learn along the way. Blessings to those on a healing path.

A work-in-progress, this is Planet Thrive’s toolbox for healing – the best advice we could find for your journey toward balanced health and overflowing vitality.