On The Brain blogBrain plasticity refers to the fact that the human brain is capable of forming new neuronal pathways throughout one’s lifetime. Previously thought to be hard-wired and fixed for life, neuroscientists now know that the brain is constantly changing and that it is possible to learn new skills—and lose others—as we age. Michael Merzenich, PhD, a renowned neuroscientist and leader in the field of brain plasticity, describes the concept on his blog:

…brain plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change—for better or worse—throughout life…[It’s] a concept that is at once very simple and extraordinarily complex.”

He goes on to share that our senses (sight, sound, taste, etc.) are closely connected to memory and cognition. Because of their non-invasive nature, therapies based on brain plasticity are being researched by scientists around the world to help schizophrenics, Alzheimer patients, stroke victims, and others with serious health challenges. read Dr. Merzenich’s full blog post

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