William J. Rea, M.D.This just in from the Environmental Health Center-Dallas:

Dear Friends,
I am happy to update you on the progress of Dr. Rea and his defense against the accusations of the Texas Medical Board. More than a year and a half ago, I reached out to you requesting greatly needed financial support for Dr. Rea’s legal defense fund. I am pleased to report that your generous monetary help is what enabled Dr. Rea to assemble a highly skilled, cracker-jack team of attorneys. This team of legal experts has studied all the details of the charges against Dr. Rea by the Texas Medical Board. Through their dedicated and exhaustive legal efforts, the attorneys have succeeded in getting one of the suits against Dr. Rea completely dismissed. This victory is a huge step toward preserving Dr. Rea’s practice of more than 30 years of expert knowledge and innovation in the field of Environmental Medicine. In fact, your contributions have made all the difference in keeping the doors open to the Environmental Health Center-Dallas, allowing for hundreds of people from around the world who suffer from chemical injury and environmental sensitivity to continue to receive appropriate and effective medical treatment.

Friends, a legal hearing is coming up in June and there are still some legal battles ahead that must be championed by the team of attorneys on behalf of Dr. Rea. This is proving to continue to be an exhaustive and costly process; but the process is moving forward. However, at this point in time, the legal defense fund is dangerously close to being depleted. I am once again asking for you to consider giving your financial support to recharge Dr. Rea’s legal defense fund. Your monetary support of Dr. Rea is both meaningful and greatly needed, no matter how small or large your contribution may be. Once again, the entire amount of your donation will be used exclusively to fund the team of attorneys representing Dr. Rea.

I write this letter to you as an official communication of the Environmental Health Center-Dallas with the full endorsement of Dr. Rea. Dr. Rea wishes to thank you for your generous and enthusiastic support, for securing your right to choose your medical treatment and for your unity in his fight to preserve the future of Environmental Medicine.

You can send your donation to the:

William J. Rea Legal Defense Fund
8345 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 220
Dallas, Texas 75231
Attn: Ellie

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