smart meterIf you haven’t heard, electric companies around the country are planning to install “smart meters” in our backyards which measure electricity consumption and then transmit this information via a wireless network back to the local utility for monitoring and billing purposes. It might sound like a very efficient upgrade to an antiquated system, but for those with electrical sensitivity – or those with chronic illness, autism, and others who may be more vulnerable to becoming electrically sensitive – it’s a complete nightmare. Planet Thrive member Sue Bozzo shares how you can take action today to help stop the madness:

Dear Friends and Family,

I have Electrical Hypersensitivity and since I moved to Berkeley 4 months ago, I have been having a lot of trouble with the electrosmog here. My sensitivity has gotten worse and worse across this period, and now living in Berkeley is no longer tolerable for me. I have been desperately seeking housing outside of the East Bay.

Yesterday I got my “basic RF meter, ” and was able to go outside and measure RFR levels (“radiofrequency radiation,” which comes from things like wi-fi, cell phone towers, radio towers, and…Smart Meters, the new wireless technology for our gas and electric meters being installed by PG&E). I went around the neighborhood measuring RFR, to confirm what is troubling me so. It is the Smart Meters that are installed on every home and office in the East Bay. When I walked around the neighborhood, there were measureable changes in RF radiation, as I neared and moved away from the closest radio tower (.15 miles from my home), but the biggest measurable changes in my home and immediate neighborhood came from the Smart Meters. At a close range and moving away several feet, the Smart Meters were giving off a burst of signal so powerful that my RF Meter was measuring them in the Red-Danger! range (according to the exposure standards set by Switzerland, Italy, and Russia, which are lower than U.S. standards.) The Smart Meters were pulsing a signal every few seconds. There is overwhelming new research on the cellular and health damages caused by RF and ELF radiation; see the, summarizing 2,000 peer-reviewed studies showing the damage, by scientists worldwide. As I moved toward my bedroom, the readings on my RF Meter would subside a bit, but were still pulsing at the low end of the Red-Danger! range. (My bedroom is 10 feet from 2 Smart Meters for my property, 28 feet from the Smart Meter for my next-door neighbor’s property, 50-60 feet from the 6 Smart Meters for the office building next-door on the other side, and not much farther from the 23 meters on the 2 apartment complexes next door.) At this time, it is required that every home have a Smart Meter, and you cannot opt out. But even if you opted out for your house, your home would still be blanketed in the electropollution caused by your neighbors’ Smart Meters.

There is a worldwide effort to get governments to update their obsolete standards for RF and ELF radiation exposure safety, since most of their current standards are based on the science of “thermal heating” of human tissue. It has been found that radiation causes cellular damage and health effects at levels of radiation much lower than the levels at which thermal heating of tissue begins.

The roll-out of Smart Meters is complete in the East Bay. We are blanketed here in a new field of RFR radiation such as we have not yet seen in America. The effects that I am experiencing, 24/7 are: acute agitation, acute over-stimulation, inability to concentrate, inability to remember, inability to connect with people very well, inability to connect with myself very well, inability to read/learn very well, sleep disruption, and sensations coursing through my body. I can’t relax, be calm, or be present inside myself very well. The neurological disruption is acute. I have been trying very hard to get out of the East Bay for awhile now but have not found alternative housing yet. I go to Marin every other day for a reprieve (they don’t have many Smart Meters yet), and I can feel my nervous system start to settle down over there.

3-8% of the population has Electrical Hypersensitivity. 35% is moderately sensitive. There are worldwide examples of communities pushing back at the new wireless technology roll-outs. The French public library system got rid of wireless internet, because so many of their employees were becoming ill. Public school systems are making historical decisions to get rid of wi-fi and other electropollution. Some countries are switching to the new biologically-based safety standards, updating the old thermal-heating-based standards.

The roll-out of Smart Meters has not yet occurred in other parts of the Bay Area. The meters are quickly being rolled out in Petaluma, and have started being rolled out in Fairfax. There are published schedules for PG&E’s roll-out. 10,000 Smart Meters are being installed per day.

Due to the health dangers, and/or a number of other reasons, municipalities and others in the Bay Area have asked the CPUC for a moratorium on the Smart Meter roll-out. These include: The EMF Safety Network, the Utility Reform Network (TURN), State Senator Dean Florez, the City and County of San Francisco, the Santa Cruz County Supervisors, Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo, and the Cities of Sebastopol, Cotati, Fairfax, Bolinas, and Camp Meeker.

Along with the Smart Meter roll-out, which provides a great deal of income for PG&E and its computer industry partners, Wi-Max (high-powered wi-fi antennas that reach across 38 square miles) and Broadband Over Power (wi-fi that comes in on your housing electrical wiring, and makes your entire home a strong field of RF radiation) are also being rolled out across the country. Wi-Max is a multi-billion dollar collaboration between Sprint, Clearwire, Time Warner, Cable, Google and others which would blanket the country in a dangerously high level of radiation.

It is a crime, by the FCC, to refuse placement of a cell phone tower based on environmental/health reasons. You would be sued for billions, if you tried to stop placement to protect your community or home. This became federal law with the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The cell phone tower placed beside Ecology House in San Rafael, where a number of people live who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Electrical Hypersensitivity, was fought, but the people of Ecology House were advised that it was not legal to fight against tower placement using any concerns about health. They lost.

Right now the CPUC is considering all these Bay Area requests for a Smart Meter moratorium. Could you please add your name to the public outcry, especially by contacting the CPUC at this time, to persuade them to make an historical decision. I have included contact information at the bottom of this email.

Thank you for your help!


(1) Here is a link to send a quick email to the CPUC asking for a Smart Meter moratorium. A letter is already written for you, and you can add comments:

(2) The EMF Safety Network also sent out this list of CPUC officials and their phone numbers, if you have time to leave a message asking them for a moratorium:

“The City and County of San Francisco has asked the CPUC for a moratorium on Smart Meters. This week the CPUC must make a decision. Can you give them a call and ask them to support a Smart Meter moratorium?”

President Michael R. Peevey

Commissioner Dian Grueneich

Commissioner John Bohn

Commissioner Nancy Ryan

Commissioner Timothy Simon

(3) Here you can sign the Alameda Online Petition (esp. if you live in Alameda):

(4) On 6/29, Berkeley’s City Council will be voting on the Smart Meter moratorium issue. You can send the Council an email asking for the moratorium and an opt-out option (esp. if you live in Berkeley). In subject field please put: “6/29 agenda item re SmartMeters”

Note their new email addresses:,,,,,,,,,

(5) To protest America’s current, obsolete federal exposure standards, and the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, please sign the petition at (link is near top center of webpage)

Thank you for your help!

Sue Bozzo took leave from Ph.D. work in Mythological Studies from a Depth Psychological Perspective 8 years ago due to chronic illness. She has since become a dedicated practitioner at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She has spent the last 3 years essentially homeless due to severe electrical hypersensitivity, moving from one temporary spot to the next as she seeks a long-term, safe-enough home. She intends to recover, pursue a career as teacher and healer, and be a morally responsible “canary in the coalmine.” She is grateful to her illness for the dramatic awakening that it has demanded about lifestyle and urgent global ecological concerns and psychological growth and healing.

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