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Updated schedule for ecoTECH’s Living Sanctuary prototype

Due to construction delays, Douglas Busch, founder and CEO of ecoTECH design studio, has updated the schedule for the Living Sanctuary safer housing test unit being built in Quakertown, Pennsylvania this summer. The prototype is now expected to be completed by the end of August. You can see new architectural renderings of the exterior and interior of the test unit, as well as a floor plan and PDF listing components and materials below:

Exterior Rendering A Exterior Rendering B
Interior Rendering A Interior Rendering B

click on images to enlarge

The note I received last night from Douglas Busch:

Hello all, good news…permits are issued and the site work has begun. Our group flies into PA on the 14th of August and we start manufacturing the unit on the 15th. We hope to be done and transporting the unit to Quakertown on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (Aug. 23, 24, or 25th). We would be happy to show you this exciting “Sanctuary” Thursday and Friday the 25th and 26th to go over all the new systems which have been added. That would be super.

Thanking all of you for your support and help on this project and look forward to seeing you all. All the best, doug”

Below is a floor plan of the test unit and a PDF listing components and materials:

Floor Plan

Living Sanctuary components and materials (PDF download)

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  • Josh

    August 2, 2011 at 11:48 am

    This looks great, and the list of features in the brochure is impressive. I wonder, though: how many sq. ft is it? Is a dimensioned and labelled floor plan available, so people who are interested in it can get a better feel for the scale of the thing? Also, it appears to be a studio design, with the exception of the room (entryway? miniature bedroom?) on the right side; does ecoTECH have plans to offer a slightly larger (i.e. 2BR, w/interior walls) version at some point in the future?

    An exciting development that may prove a godsend for ES and MCS people—I wish the company every success with their venture.

  • earthwalker

    August 2, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    Hi Josh,
    Please contact ecoTECH directly with any questions that are not answered in the above article or the original article we posted about the test unit. Thank you!

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