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  • Allergies, asthma and MCS Allergies, asthma and MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, Can I use allergy shots if I have MCS? What kind of organic supplements do you recommend for allergies and asthma?
  • Beet and black bean chili Beet and black bean chili
    by Kim Christensen | Easy to prepare, and full of protein, fiber, and loads of vitamins and minerals, this soup is ideal for a chilly night.
  • Severe weight loss with MCS Severe weight loss with MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, I have had MCS for 15 years and am challenged by poor nutrient absorption, resulting in an underweight condition of 30 pounds and low energy regardless of consumption.
  • Paleo spiced nuts Paleo spiced nuts
    by Elana Amsterdam | With black pepper, chili powder and cumin, any nut lover will enjoy the supercharged flavor of these spicy nuts!
  • Wood smoke and MCS Wood smoke and MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, We have Austin air purifier machines running full time but I am still being affected by the wood burning smoke from neighbors. Would the AirPura T600 for smoke be useful?
  • Post-polio syndrome and environmental toxins Post-polio syndrome and environmental toxins
    Dear Dr. Rea, What is your latest thinking on post-polio syndrome and environmental toxins? Is there a connection between food sensitivities and post polio syndrome?
  • Herbal treatment for dogs and cats with lyme Herbal treatment for dogs and cats with lyme
    Dear Stephen, Do you have any links for herbal treatments for dogs and cats with lyme?
  • Strawberry sorbet Strawberry sorbet
    by Elana Amsterdam | Loaded with wholesome vitamin C-rich, antiinflammatory strawberries, this sorbet is a perfectly refreshing dessert for any summer meal.
  • Lung issues with MCS Lung issues with MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, I have severe MCS, right bundle branch block and a breathing problem. Three CAT scans have shown a very small nodule and tree in bud inflammation in both lungs unchanged. How can I clear up the inflammation?
  • What to eat when you can't eat anything What to eat when you can’t eat anything
    by Candice, late stage lyme sufferer | It's possible that my personal diet has the longest name out of all documented diets known to mankind.
  • Arugula with raspberry vinaigrette Arugula with raspberry vinaigrette
    by Elana Amsterdam | The flavors in this salad complement each other nicely --the sweet raspberries offset the sharp flavor of the savory (spicy) arugula.
  • Slow heart with MCS Slow heart with MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, Since radiation treatment I am on a walker with a left leg brace and can not stand for more than ten minutes. Is there a way to check my heart without getting any more radiation?
  • Doctor-induced horror herxes Doctor-induced horror herxes
    by David Jernigan, D.C., D.N.M. | A severe Herxheimer reaction (herx) is a sign of a poor lyme disease treatment plan and is unnecessary.
  • Rhubarb-apple compote Rhubarb-apple compote
    by Kim Christensen | Sweet and aromatic, this compote is excellent served warm or chilled. For a simple fruit dessert, it can be served alone, or spooned over yogurt or ice cream.
  • Gluten-free porridge Gluten-free porridge
    by Elana Amsterdam | ...call it hot cereal or porridge, either way, it's a superfood way to start your day...
  • Raintree's cat's claw is out of stock - help! Raintree’s cat’s claw is out of stock – help!
    Dear Stephen, Raintree cat's claw has been unavailable for over 2 months and they're not sure when it will be back in. Can you recommend another source for cat's claw?
  • Toxic mold the cause of my MCS? Toxic mold the cause of my MCS?
    Dear Dr. Rea, High volumes of penicillium/aspergillus mold spores were recently found in our basement by an Environmenal Engineer. Could this be the cause of my MCS?
  • Minted papaya avocado salad Minted papaya avocado salad
    by Kim Christensen | Light, bright and perfect for any meal during the hot summer months.
  • Antibiotics and hearing loss Antibiotics and hearing loss
    Dear Stephen, I have some mild hearing loss from lyme antibiotics and would like to start your protocol, but first want to know if any of the herbs could damage my hearing further.
  • Broccoli rabe with garlic Broccoli rabe with garlic
    by Elana Amsterdam | I confess, I have an addiction to broccoli rabe. I love the bitter flavor and have always believed that bitter is such an important, yet under rated flavor in our culture.
  • Iced ginger chai Iced ginger chai
    by Elana Amsterdam | Heavy on the ginger, cardamom and black pepper, with a roiboos tea base. Perfect for a hot summer afternoon.
  • Low Siga Low Siga
    Dear Dr. Rea, I recently tested low (20) for secretory IgA (sIgA) and also low for beneficial gut flora. I was wondering if there is a connection between the two things, and if there is would you explain what it is?
  • Gluten-free bacon spiked turkey burgers Gluten-free bacon spiked turkey burgers
    Do your turkey burgers usually taste like dry little hockey pucks? Kim Christensen shares how loading up your lean ground turkey with thick, crunchy, salty, fatty bacon can give you a moist and delicious burger!
  • Jernigan's Neuro Anti-Tox II formulas Jernigan’s Neuro Anti-Tox II formulas
    Dear Stephen, Wondering what you think about Jernigan's Neuro Anti-Tox II formulas - supposedly they help to mop up excess ammonia in the brain produced by lyme bacteria.
  • Gluten-free chocolate almond butter popsicles Gluten-free chocolate almond butter popsicles
    by Elana Amsterdam | These Paleo pops make the perfect snack!
  • Colonoscopy and MCS Colonoscopy and MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, Doctors have found blood in a stool test and they want me to get a colonoscopy. I've had two in the past. Is it safe to repeat the colonoscopy now that my MCS is getting worse?
  • Sweet 'n sour rhubarb pickles Sweet ‘n sour rhubarb pickles
    by Kim Christensen | Sour, sweet, and heavily spiced, these pickles are a bold addition to a relish tray or served with Indian, Middle Eastern, or North African dishes.
  • Gluten-free mango-blueberry crisp Gluten-free mango-blueberry crisp
    Delicious on the eyes (and on the palate)! Bright orange mango contrasting against the deep indigo-hued blueberries, covered in a flaky layer of spicy sweet golden coconut, toasted nuts, and crisp quinoa flakes.
  • Treating a Clostridium difficile infection Treating a Clostridium difficile infection
    Dear Dr. Rea, I have severe MCS and tested positive for a C. difficile infection. Do you have a standard protocol that is well tolerated by your chemically sensitive patients for treating this bacteria?
  • Ginger lime mocktail Ginger lime mocktail
    by Elana Amsterdam | I think you could also call this sparkling zesty drink liquid superfood. The ginger is full of anti-oxidants and the lime juice is packed with Vitamin C and bioflavanoids.
  • Non-toxic air conditioner Non-toxic air conditioner
    Dear Dr. Rea, Do you know if there are any air conditioners that are "safe/safer"? I live in Michigan and we have horribly humid hot summers.
  • Gluten-free Gluten-free “wheat” thins
    by Elana Amsterdam | When I was a child I loved crackers. Still do. I especially loved Wheat Thins. Can't have those anymore. Solution? I've made my own.
  • Taking artemisia and crypto together Taking artemisia and crypto together
    Dear Stephen, Is it safe to take Artemisia absinthium and cryptolepsis together?
  • Cultured curried carrot sticks Cultured curried carrot sticks
    by Kim Christensen | Slightly sour, slightly salty, slightly spicy, and plenty crunchy - serve along side sandwiches or wraps, Indian-style meals, as part of a relish tray, or eat straight out of the jar.
  • Lemon oil/limoncello Lemon oil/limoncello
    Dear Stephen, This weekend I had a taste of limoncello, the Italian liquer, and had a really strong herx afterwards. I understand that it's made by steeping lemon rinds in alcohol, so it contains lemon oils.
  • Nettles pesto Nettles pesto
    by Elana Amsterdam | This naturally gluten free pesto has a slightly astringent taste, the strong flavor of basil and a nice lemony tang to it...I couldn't stop eating it and neither could my tasters.
  • Reliability of PCR tests for determining ending treatment for lyme Reliability of PCR tests for determining ending treatment for lyme
    Dear Stephen, Do you know how reliable PCR tests are for determining ending treatment for lyme and babesia?
  • Raw coconut cacao bites Raw coconut cacao bites
    by Kim Christensen | Inspired by my love for Coconut Cream Concentrate, I made a recipe for you. It is kind of like fudge, kind of like candy, and totally delicious.
  • Reacting to turmeric Reacting to turmeric
    Dear Stephen, I discovered that I become quite sick if I take turmeric. The response is not immediate, but more like 12-48 hours after taking the turmeric. I become very weak and sick and feel toxic all over.
  • Increasing lymphocyte counts in blood Increasing lymphocyte counts in blood
    Dear Dr. Rea, I have had blood tests over the past 1.5 years with increasing lymphocyte counts. Could this be from mold in the blood?