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brain fog

  • Neuro lyme: severe brain fog and derealization Neuro lyme: severe brain fog and derealization
    Dear Stephen, My "primary" symptoms are SEVERE, 24 hour a day brain fog (derealization, cloudy head, novocaine brain), severe fatigue, anxiety, rage, blurry vision w/floaters, dizziness, vertigo, etc.
  • brain/limbic system brain/limbic system
    Toxic environmental injuries can cause damage to our limbic system and other areas of the brain. Use targeted nutrients and brain exercises to rebuild weakened areas and rewire around permanent damage.
  • Herb best for brain fog Herb best for brain fog
    Dear Stephen, My lingering symptoms are persistent frontal HA/pressure and waxing and waning fog. Any thoughts on which herb can be used to help to clear the fog?
  • Herbs for Morgellon's disease? Herbs for Morgellon’s disease?
    Dear Stephen, I am curious whether you have had experience treating Morgellon's Disease with your Healing Lyme protocol.