lyme herbs dosing

  • Homeopathic lyme nosode dosage Homeopathic lyme nosode dosage
    Dear Stephen, I have the homeopathic lyme nosode 30c but don't see how many pellets to take - on page 204 of Healing Lyme it only says 3x a day for 3 days. Could you clarify that?
  • Interruption in Buhner lyme herb protocol Interruption in Buhner lyme herb protocol
    Dear Stephen, I missed a few days taking the herbs on your protocol. What can I expect if I continue for the next 1-4 months on the core protocol, given that I had this slip?
  • Transitioning from lyme antibiotics to herbs Transitioning from lyme antibiotics to herbs
    Dear Stephen, My daughter has had eighteen months of antibiotics and has made much progress but I am concerned about candida and food allergies that have recently developed.
  • Lomatium dosage information Lomatium dosage information
    Dear Stephen, What form, dosage and duration of Lomatium do you recommend to bring down an increased viral load associated with Lyme?
  • Wild-harvesting Japanese knotweed Wild-harvesting Japanese knotweed
    Dear Stephen, I just found that I have tons of Japanese knotweed at home. How can I use it - dosage, root only or root and stem (young ones or full grown)?
  • Biopure tincture dosages Biopure tincture dosages
    Dear Stephen, I was given andrographis and Japanese knotweed as Biopure tinctures from my doctor before I was aware of "Healing Lyme." I was wondering if you could provide a number of drops to be taken per day.
  • Encapsulating Japanese knotweed Encapsulating Japanese knotweed
    Dear Stephen, I have decided to encapsulate the Japanese knotweed myself...if I already have "0" caps, how many of these would be comparable to the recommended "00" dosage?
  • Astragalus and cryptolepis Astragalus and cryptolepis
    Dear Stephen, I found another deer tick on me 4 weeks ago. With my past history should I add astragalus and what is the adequate dose for cryptolepis?
  • Correct dosages for decoctions Correct dosages for decoctions
    Dear Stephen, I take your core protocol herbs as a decoction of all three herbs which I make the night before. My question is about appropriate dosage for a decoction.
  • Many symptoms, including mouth/eye Many symptoms, including mouth/eye
    Dear Stephen, I want to stop the antibiotics after 3 months and start taking resveratrol, cat's claw and andrographis. What else should I include in my treatment?
  • Newbie needs help Newbie needs help
    Dear Stephen, I have neuro lyme and need help with starting your protocol.
  • Lyme protocol maintenance Lyme protocol maintenance
    Dear Stephen, I've heard that it's recommended to stay on antibiotics until asymptomatic for 3 months, which I plan to do. How about with herbs?
  • Cryptolepis during antibiotic treatment Cryptolepis during antibiotic treatment
    Dear Stephen, Would it be advisable to try cryptolepis to treat babesia during antibiotic treatment?
  • Is Raintree cat's claw safe for children? Is Raintree cat’s claw safe for children?
    Dear Stephen, Is the cat's claw from Raintree safe for children, and what would the dosage be for my son who weighs 76 pounds?
  • Perforated eardrum and fungal infection Perforated eardrum and fungal infection
    Dear Stephen, I was diagnosed with Lyme 22 years ago and also have multiple sclerosis. My latest issue is a fungal infection and resulting perforation in my eardrum. Is there something you could recommend?
  • Bulk cat's claw taken in applesauce Bulk cat’s claw taken in applesauce
    Dear Stephen, I would like to use the Raintree bulk Cat's Claw for cost savings. Is it advisable to mix the bulk product with applesauce rather that putting into capsules or boiling into tea?
  • Red root tincture or whole herb? Red root tincture or whole herb?
    Dear Stephen, I think Red Root would be useful to me but you state that tinctures are not good in old cases, while dosages of this herb are only listed in tincture. What would you recommend?
  • What is the most minimal lyme treatment? What is the most minimal lyme treatment?
    Dear Stephen, What might be some of the lighter herbs for Lyme? I simply cannot take the storm of a major die-off.
  • Sarsaparilla Maximum Upper Dosage Sarsaparilla Maximum Upper Dosage
    Dear Stephen, Is there a maximum dosage for Smilax? I've worked up to 10 grams a day in a decoction and would like to go higher.
  • Stephania & Wobenzym N Stephania & Wobenzym N
    Dear Stephen, Wobenzym N helps decrease herx reactions & allows me to breathe better. Should I continue with the wobenzym or will the herbs be enough to control die-off reactions?
  • Hypersensitivity to herbs Hypersensitivity to herbs
    Dear Stephen, How does on proceed if one is hypersensitive? I am hypersensitive to most "chemical" medications I have taken and many herbals.
  • Cryptolepis update Cryptolepis update
    Dear Stephen, I haven't been here in awhile, but wanted to give an update. I've been taking cryptolepis for just over a year now.
  • Clarifications on protocol Clarifications on protocol
    Dear Stephen, I have several questions on your protocol: Can the full dosages be maintained beyond 2 months and until the infections are completely eradicated?
  • Cryptolepis Cryptolepis
    Dear Stephen, I've been treating Lyme for over a year now with antibiotics, and have made 85% progress. Can I take cryptolepis with antibiotics such as Ceftin? What about Flagyl?
  • Malaria and artemisinin Malaria and artemisinin
    Dear Stephen, I am in East Africa and had malaria which cleared with traditional medicine. I am wondering if I can use artemisinin for prevention. If so, what is the dosage? What other herbs?
  • Reaction to lyme herbs Reaction to lyme herbs
    Dear Stephen, I just started taking the herbs yesterday and only took one of each. Last night I had the chills all night and I had very minor heart palpitations.
  • Core herbs dosing Core herbs dosing
    Dear Stephen, Can I really shift to a maintenance dose after two months and still get a good effect, or should I proceed symptomatically, i.e., only lowering the dose after die-off symptoms subside?
  • Protocol if lyme is detected early Protocol if lyme is detected early
    Dear Stephen, If one has treated very early for lyme do you still recommend following your protocol for at least 60 days?
  • Herbs causing inflammation? Herbs causing inflammation?
    Dear Stephen, I have had some kind of inflammatory reaction to the herbs in the tendons of my fingers where the joints are with redness, swelling, tenderness and stiffness. I am not sure what to do.
  • Getting pregnant Getting pregnant
    Dear Stephen, My husband and I want to have a child, so I would like to know how long you suggest being on the core protocol before going off of it for pregnancy? What herbs do you recommend for pregnancy?
  • Ramp up time related to time on full protocol Ramp up time related to time on full protocol
    Dear Stephen, If it takes many months to "ramp up" to the full doses of the core protocol, do you still have to stay a month on the 4-4-4 dose?
  • Re-Infection during protocol Re-Infection during protocol
    Dear Stephen, I pulled another tick off me yesterday. Damn. Too soon to tell if I was re-infected, but now what?
  • Confused by prior post on pregnancy and herbs Confused by prior post on pregnancy and herbs
    Dear Stephen, Previously you advised that cat's claw, astragalus, eleutherococcus, and stephania show no contraindications for pregnancy but on page 103 cat's claw is contraindicated for pregnancy.
  • Andrographis with Cowden herbs Andrographis with Cowden herbs
    Dear Stephen, My daughter's LLMD has had her on the Cowden Protocol and now wants her to add andrographis. Is andrographis safe with the Cowden herbs and how should it be spaced?
  • Stephania eyewash Stephania eyewash
    Dear Stephen, If I wash my eyes with the stephania root infusion, how should I do it? Should I use an eye cup. Should I use just the clear liquid on top, or the whole, well, mess
  • Toxicity/die-off with protocol Toxicity/die-off with protocol
    Dear Stephen, I have read that herxing too much is not necessarily helpful even if it is a sign of die-off.
  • Protocol for 4 yr old Protocol for 4 yr old
    Dear Stephen, My 4-year-old daughter was just diagnosed with lyme (tick bite then rash). She's on amoxicillan for 30 days. Which herbs would be best for her?
  • Breastfeeding on protocol Breastfeeding on protocol
    Dear Stephen, I am nursing a 10-month-old. Which herbs can I safely take while breastfeeding and are there any herbs that will help protect the baby or do I just assume the baby is going to come down with it?
  • Sarsaparilla herx Sarsaparilla herx
    Dear Stephen, I just started sarsaparilla today and for five or six hours afterward was miserable with one of the worst herxes I've experienced thus far.
  • Higher dose for babesia? Higher dose for babesia?
    Dear Stephen, I've been looking at taking cryptolepis for babesia for a 2 week period at the recommended dose of 1 tsp tid. Do you think that it might take a stronger dose to get it?