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  • Minerals for post-menopausal bone health Minerals for post-menopausal bone health
    Dear Susun, I know you like to use minerals for bone health after menopause. Can you talk more about that and share some recipes? Also, are hormonal supplements necessary when you reach menopause? Thank you for all your wisdom.
  • Cessation of menses Cessation of menses
    Dear Susun, My period stopped and my doctor wants to put me on synthetic hormones. I would like to avoid taking synthetic hormones - can you help?
  • Digestive distress with menopause Digestive distress with menopause
    Dear Susun, I am new to menopause. Are digestive issues associated with this life change, and do you have suggestions from the Wise Woman tradition to deal with digestive issues naturally?
  • Birth control for menopausal women Birth control for menopausal women
    Dear Susun, Should I be thinking differently about birth control now that I am experiencing menopause?
  • Phytoestrogens - friends or foes? Phytoestrogens – friends or foes?
    Dear Susun, Can plant hormones help women in menopause? Do they affect breast cancer?
  • Phases of menopause Phases of menopause
    Dear Susun, Can you tell me what I can expect in terms of the different phases of menopause, and things I can do to ease the transition?
  • Weight gain for menopausal woman Weight gain for menopausal woman
    Dear Susun, I gained 10 pounds in the last few years which I can't seem to shed and I think it might be due to life's changes. Any advice on how to lose the extra weight?