Polygonum cuspidatum

  • Clarifications on protocol Clarifications on protocol
    Dear Stephen, I have several questions on your protocol: Can the full dosages be maintained beyond 2 months and until the infections are completely eradicated?
  • Biotivia Bioforte Biotivia Bioforte
    Dear Stephen, What do you think of Biotivia's 500mg full spectrum resveratrol which has 500mg of Polygonum cuspidatum?
  • Herbal interaction with Klonopin Herbal interaction with Klonopin
    Dear Stephen, Do the herbs andrographis, red root tincture, or smilax interfere with Klonopin (Clonazepam)?
  • Intolerance to knotweed? Intolerance to knotweed?
    Dear Stephen, My question now is about knotweed. I could take it for a few months last year in low doses but recently developed a clear reaction to it.
  • Brain swelling and small intestine help Brain swelling and small intestine help
    Dear Stephen, What else can I take to reduce brain swelling? What helps generate tissue for the small intestine?
  • Andrographis allergic reaction Andrographis allergic reaction
    Dear Stephen, I wanted to report to you another allergic reaction to Andrographis - I had a sudden attack of hives that gradually worsened until my whole body was bright red with huge white welts that were extremely hot and itchy.
  • Chinese herbs Chinese herbs
    Dear Stephen, My question is about Chinese herbs: forsythia, isatis, gardenia, coptis, phellodendron, houttunya, lonicerae.
  • Low blood pressure Low blood pressure
    Dear Stephen, Can andrographis make your blood pressure TOO low? My normal BP is 90 over 60.
  • Biopure tinctures Biopure tinctures
    Dear Stephen, What do you think about Biopure tinctures? Do you still think the whole herb is better/ safer than these tinctures?
  • Garlic for Lyme? Garlic for Lyme?
    Dear Stephen, Do you think garlic is an exceptional plant to add for someone with Lyme?
  • Bartonella Bartonella
    Dear Stephen, Are there any other herbs you know of that are particularly effective against Bartonella?