recovery basics

  • FOCUS ON: recovery basics FOCUS ON: recovery basics
    A work-in-progress, this is Planet Thrive's toolbox for healing - the best advice we could find for your journey toward balanced health and overflowing vitality.
  • pure air and water pure air and water
    The quality of the air you breathe and the water you ingest, bathe and launder with should be of prime importance to anyone concerned about health.
  • nourishing food nourishing food
    The food we eat is the energy we supply our body with; what we put in our mouths becomes our cells, tissues, organs, and thoughts. Choose the highest quality nutrients for the highest functioning body and mind.
  • non-toxic lifestyle non-toxic lifestyle
    Keep your exposure to chemicals, mold, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to a minimum in order to maximize your health.
  • restful sleep restful sleep
    Create a healing sleep oasis in your home so your body can enjoy restorative sleep each night. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day!
  • physical exercise physical exercise
    Regular moderate exercise can improve your mood (by balancing neurotransmitters), assist in detoxification, and help keep muscles and organs in good working order.
  • detoxification detoxification
    In a modern world full of contaminants in our air, water, and food sources, detoxification should be part of everyone's daily ritual.
  • emotional health emotional health
    Emotional toxicity can derail health as much as toxic chemicals and bacteria can. Learning how to process emotion and past traumas, and communicate effectively with others can help keep you physically healthy!
  • spirituality spirituality
    A serious and/or chronic illness can challenge our faith, but may eventually lead to a clearer understanding of our place in the world and a deeper connection to our spiritual self.
  • energetic health energetic health
    Learn ways to stay grounded and keep your life energy flowing, without blocks and stagnation.
  • sexuality sexuality
    Sexuality needn't be ignored when one gets sick. If you desire, you can cultivate a healthy sexual life no matter what your relationship or physical status.
  • dental health dental health
    Mercury fillings, root canals and cavitations are just some of the common dental issues found to cause health problems down the line.
  • organ health organ health
    Use nutrition, exercise, and healing rituals to keep your body organs in optimal shape.
  • brain/limbic system brain/limbic system
    Toxic environmental injuries can cause damage to our limbic system and other areas of the brain. Use targeted nutrients and brain exercises to rebuild weakened areas and rewire around permanent damage.
  • The Seven Essentials of Recovery The Seven Essentials of Recovery
    "The Queen of Green" Debra Lynn Dadd shares her top suggestions for turning your health around onto a path of recovery from chemical sensitivities and food intolerances.