MCS – Caused by Toxic Chemical Exposure

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Breakthrough study on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity shows MCS is an epidemic caused by toxic chemicals; peer-reviewed paper is published in prestigious toxicology reference work.

A major paper on multiple chemical sensitivity by Professor Martin L. Pall is to be published October 23, 2009 as chapter XX in a prestigious reference work for professional toxicologists, “General and Applied Toxicology, 3rd Edition” (John Wiley & Sons). Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is also known as chemical sensitivity, chemical intolerance and toxicant-induced loss of tolerance, with this last name emphasizing the role of chemicals in initiating cases of this disease. Pall’s paper, entitled Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Toxicological Questions and Mechanisms, establishes five important facts about MCS:

1) MCS is a stunningly common disease, even more common than diabetes; 2) MCS is caused by toxic chemical exposure; 3) The role of chemicals acting as toxicants in MCS has been confirmed by genetic studies; 4) We have, a detailed and generally well supported mechanism for MCS; 5) For over 20 years, some have falsely argued that MCS is a psychogenic disease, being generated in their view by some ill defined psychological mechanism. However this view is completely incompatible with all of the evidence discussed earlier in this release…read the full article


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