Panacea (Shilajit)

Panacea (Shilajit) by MITOLIFE
Panacea (Shilajit) by MITOLIFE
Panacea label
Panacea tablets

Panacea by MITOLIFE is a pure tablet form of shilajit from the Siberian mountains in Russia. Shilajit naturally secretes from high elevation mountains in the form of a tar or resin. This can then be extracted using reverse osmosis water into a powdered extract. Panacea is simply the resin compressed into an easy-to-take tablet.

Shilajit is a complete trace mineral source, containing more than 84 carbon-bonded organic minerals that are preferred by the body. It is also a rich source of fulvic acid, a compound which increases delivery of the minerals into the cell, enhances the absorption of other compounds taken with it, and chelates and complexes inorganic minerals.

It is a whole food supplement that brings mineral balance to the body in a natural way.

This tablet form is a convenient and easier way to consume shilajit, especially in larger quantities. They can be swallowed whole and go well with a meal or a glass of milk.

Each box contains 150 tablets which is a two month supply if consuming two tablets per day. Each tablet is 200mg. A good starting dose would be three tablets per day. One box would last over a month.

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