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PURE Upholstery™ Sarah Sofa
PURE Upholstery™ Sarah Sofa
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PURE Upholstery™ Sofa
PURE Upholstery™ Chair
PURE Upholstery™ Butterfly Chair
PURE Upholstery™ Fabric by the Yard
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Pure Upholstery makes upholstered furniture without conventional, chemical flame retardant laden foams. They work with only the best ingredients that meet their exacting standards, from the solid hardwood frame to all the support layers, and they work with premier upholstery fabric suppliers to offer over 35 beautiful fabrics that are either Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified or Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

Their upholstery features only beautiful fabrics that meet their high standards for sustainability and quality. Choose from over 35 that are either Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified (Winthrop) or OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified (Orcas and Palouse).

They use resilient, chemical flame retardant free, Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified organic latex rubber in their cushions and to wrap their solid hardwood frames. Their natural rubber is produced using sap from rubber trees that are sustainably harvested.

They use responsibly sourced, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, solid maple wood for their frames and legs. They do not use engineered wood, composite wood, or particle board. Only honest-to-goodness, solid maple wood.

They use organic wool in their upholstery as opposed to synthetic battings. Both needle punched organic wool sheets and organic wool batting. Their organic wool comes from sheep raised in New Zealand and is certified organic by Oregon Tilth. It’s also processed in the US. While wool is more expensive than synthetic fibers, they think it’s well worth the investment. They especially love it because it’s naturally flame resistant, cushiony, dust mite resistant and biodegradable!

They use an organic cotton canvas barrier cloth, made in the USA from organic cotton grown in the USA, to create a double upholstery layer beneath the outer fabric. This canvas layer secures natural wool fibers and ensures they don’t migrate through the outer fabric. This canvas covering also encases the cushion materials, allowing them to stay together perfectly when the outer fabric covers are removed for cleaning.

They use either sinuous springs or eight-way hand tied springs. They choose the highest quality, heaviest gauge steel for the best support and long-lasting durability. Both are made from recycled steel, as all steel is recycled these days. Any piece can be made using the eight-way hand-tied springs, if it’s not listed as such for an up-charge – they’d be pleased to do that for you!

They use only Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Plus 2C Finish on their solid wood legs. It is the leading plant-based, environmentally responsible, sustainable, nonpolluting, durable wood finish. It’s the best they’ve seen over their many years of experience!

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I love my Sarah Sofa!
My Sarah couch in Midnight Blue

I bought a Sarah Sofa from EKLA HOME in 2013. The company has since closed down but it seems as though PURE Upholstery™ is making the same or similar product, and one of it’s founders was somehow connected with EKLA HOME. Many of PURE Upholstery’s sofas look the same as what EKLA HOME offered and appear to use the same materials, but I cannot be 100% sure it is the exact same product (You can call and ask if you want to know for sure). I still thought it might be helpful to share my experience. I suffered from very severe chemical sensitivity (MCS) for many years. After I experienced benefits from brain retraining, I moved to a new home in a new town with no furniture. I had remembered the EKLA line and became disheartened when I saw the sofa I wanted was about $8,000. But I knew in my bones that I had to have one of their sofas — I had been sitting on hard metal for about 10 years with no cushioning due to severe MCS! I wrote to the company and shared a bit of my story and my desire to own one of their non-toxic sofas. I was amazed when they wrote me back — they had a sofa in the color I wanted, but in the Sarah style, that they had made for someone in the wrong fabric. They explained that they NEVER have pieces sitting around in their showroom since they make everything custom to order. They would sell me this one for 50% off. It was a smaller style than the one I had wanted so it only would cost me $2,000. I grabbed it! I was so nervous when it was delivered — would I tolerate it? I was used to leaving furniture outside for a year before being able to tolerate it. But since I had done brain retraining, I was able to tolerate it the first day it was delivered! I had to cover it with a blanket at night for about a week because I would become more reactive at night… but otherwise, this sofa has been a dream for me!! If you can afford it, these are great pieces! And it doesn’t hurt to write in and ask if they have anything on sale!! The photo is of my sofa and the throw pillows I ordered on Etsy!

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PURE Upholstery™ Sarah Sofa 2 years ago
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PURE Upholstery™ Sectional Sofa 2 years ago
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PURE Upholstery™ Sofa 2 years ago
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PURE Upholstery™ Chair 2 years ago
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PURE Upholstery™ Butterfly Chair 2 years ago
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PURE Upholstery™ Fabric by the Yard 2 years ago
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My Sarah couch in Midnight Blue 2 years ago by earthwalker in I love my Sarah Sofa!
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