Qlarivia 25 Deuterium Depleted Water

Qlarivia 25 Deuterium Depleted Water

QLARIVIA 25 is a purified drinking water from Romania, with a deuterium concentration of 25±5 parts per million (ppm), approximately 6 times smaller than the deuterium concentration of 150 ppm found in regular waters.

Qlarivia deuterium depleted water is an immaculate, pure water, like the one that existed thousands of years ago on Earth thousands.

Higher concentrations of deuterium in water kills fish, amphibians and insects. Experiments conducted on rodents showed that a high level of deuterium of as much as 25% in the body water causes sterility, because neither the gametes nor the zygotes can develop. Small mammals such as rodents die after approximately a week of consuming heavy water (water higher in deuterium). The cause of death is similar to that of cytotoxic poisoning (the case of chemotherapy) or acute radiation syndrome.

The most effective way of reducing the quantity of deuterium in our body is to directly consume water with a low content of deuterium.

Many scientific studies were published, claiming the benefits of deuterium depleted water.

Qlarivia 25 Deuterium Depleted Water 4 years ago
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