Hi Susun,
I am 42 and severely disabled by lyme. I started Buhner’s Healing Lyme herbal protocol. I also have endometriosis, fibroids, and very heavy bleeding. I learned about Vitex from this site and tried it. I just got my first period since being on the herb and already have a wonderful improvement. Now I need to decrease the duration and intensity of the bleeding. The bleeding got even worse since lyme came into the picture. My doctor said I need a hysterectomy, but I’m too sick now for surgery. What may I do to shorten the bleeding?

response from Kim, apprentice to Susun Weed:
Yes, there are some things you can do for flooding. First thing, several tinctures that are helpful would be Shepherd’s purse, Witch hazel and Lady’s mantle. You would take a dropperful, 4-6 times a day. If bleeding is extreme, it should start slowly within minutes, and within 48 hours if leaking. I find Shepherd’s purse tincture very helpful for the immediate issue and Lady’s mantle as a nice ally for long-term. When 10-30 drops of the Lady’s mantle tincture were taken 3 times a day 1-2 weeks before menstruation, it prevented flooding altogether.

Astringent uterine tonics such as red raspberry leaves, garden sage and black haw bark can help. Make an infusion of these herbs (you can combine or use single herbs rotated) – drink a cup or more a day at either room temperature or cooler for best effect.

Women with fibroids also have found great relief from using drinking Shepherd’s purse as an infusion, used daily. Same with witch hazel infusion. [how to make an infusion]

Firebird Goddess ©Selina di Girolamo

Firebird Goddess ©Selina di Girolamo

Some things to keep an eye on:

• If you drink red clover infusions, don’t drink more than 1 quart a week – this will help with fibroids, but if you drink more than that amount, or use tincture, it can increase bleeding tendencies of fibroids.

• Strengthening the liver with dandelion and yellow dock helps metabolize strong estrogens into weak ones, reducing fibroids.

• Both dandelion and yellow dock are tremendous sources of usable iron, something you need to address if having heavy and/or constant bleeding. Add cooked dandelion greens to diet, put yellow dock root vinegar on salads, or use tincture.

• I don’t know how long you have been taking Vitex, but continuing with the tincture will work on decreasing flooding and is helpful for fibroids. It is a slow-working treatment and can take months before manifesting results.

I am also including a link to Susun’s article on fibroids that may be useful.

Blessings, Kim

photos: Wise Woman Spiral ©iStockphoto.com / Chuck Spidell | Firebird Goddess ©Selina di Girolamo

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