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Hi Susun,

Have you ever worked with adhesions – bands of scar tissue that bind together internal body surfaces? I have them all throughout my abdominal/pelvic area, esophagus, diaphragm, ribs, and lungs. Thanks and blessings.

Response from Kim, apprentice to Susun Weed:

In working with adhesions such as this, the first thing I would do is utilize castor oil packs several times a day. To make the packs, take either cotton or flannel cloth and soak in the castor oil. For heat you could then take the cloth and bake in oven at low temperature until hot, cover with another towel and place over affected areas. You could also take the soaked cloth and wrap in another towel, place on area and then apply a hot water bottle over it. Leave in place for 45-60 minutes.

Duality in Mayan Lore ©Luz-Maria Lopez
Duality in Mayan Lore ©Luz-Maria Lopez

I would also do daily massages with calendula flower infused oil. Susun has suggested: “For maximum effectiveness, infuse slightly dried calendula blossoms in lard (organic if possible). The animal fat is taken deeper into the tissues than vegetable oils and rapidly dissolves lumps.”

Internally, I would incorporate comfrey leaf and/or red clover infusions, drinking at least a cup a day. If crystal healing appeals to you, I am including a link to Susun’s forum which goes into a good amount of detail on the use of gems for internal adhesions and cysts.

[Editor’s note: Please also see for more on treating adhesions naturally.]

Love and blessings, Kim (apprentice to Susun Weed)

photos: Wise Woman Spiral © / Chuck Spidell | Duality in Mayan Lore © Luz-Maria Lopez

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