cat’s claw

  • Raintree's cat's claw is out of stock - help! Raintree’s cat’s claw is out of stock – help!
    Dear Stephen, Raintree cat's claw has been unavailable for over 2 months and they're not sure when it will be back in. Can you recommend another source for cat's claw?
  • Substitutes for resveratrol and cat's claw Substitutes for resveratrol and cat’s claw
    Dear Stephen, My chiropractor recently muscle tested my supplements. The resveratrol and cat's claw tested negative. Should I substitute something else or try another brand?
  • Cat's claw's contraceptive properties Cat’s claw’s contraceptive properties
    Dear Stephen, I've read that uncaria tomentosa is also a contraceptive. I always wondered at what dosage it is, and how long it takes to stop being effective when you stop taking it. Do you know?
  • Let sleeping spirochetes lie? Let sleeping spirochetes lie?
    Dear Stephen, I asked my doc if in my case with mild symptoms whether or not its better to let sleeping spirochetes lie. She didn't know. Am I stirring up a hornet's nest by taking the herbs?
  • Cat's claw after cornea transplant Cat’s claw after cornea transplant
    Dear Stephen, I read in your book that cat's claw is contraindicated for people who have had an organ transplant. Would that include a cornea transplant?
  • Herbal remedies for mycoplasma and chlamydia Herbal remedies for mycoplasma and chlamydia
    I am taking an antibacterial/anti fungal herbal mix (goldenseal, cat’s claw, pau d’arco, plus a few others) and would like to know if they would have an effect on mycoplasma or chlamydia.
  • Is Raintree cat's claw safe for children? Is Raintree cat’s claw safe for children?
    Dear Stephen, Is the cat's claw from Raintree safe for children, and what would the dosage be for my son who weighs 76 pounds?
  • Symptoms improving but CD-57 levels low Symptoms improving but CD-57 levels low
    Dear Stephen, I'm feeling better on your protocol but my CD-57 levels are low. How much credence should I give to this number vs. my actual symptoms?
  • Bulk cat's claw taken in applesauce Bulk cat’s claw taken in applesauce
    Dear Stephen, I would like to use the Raintree bulk Cat's Claw for cost savings. Is it advisable to mix the bulk product with applesauce rather that putting into capsules or boiling into tea?
  • What is the most minimal lyme treatment? What is the most minimal lyme treatment?
    Dear Stephen, What might be some of the lighter herbs for Lyme? I simply cannot take the storm of a major die-off.
  • Andrographis and MS Andrographis and MS
    Dear Stephen, The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database states Andrographis (and Cat's Claw) should not be taken if you have an autoimmune disease, such as MS. Can you please comment on this.
  • Reaction to lyme herbs Reaction to lyme herbs
    Dear Stephen, I just started taking the herbs yesterday and only took one of each. Last night I had the chills all night and I had very minor heart palpitations.
  • Herbal Protocol: Buhner Healing Lyme Herbal Protocol: Buhner Healing Lyme
    Comprehensive program of potent herbs that can be used either alone or in combination with antibiotics for healing Lyme disease and co-infections.
  • Buhner Healing Lyme program Buhner Healing Lyme program
    Herb sources for the treatment protocol outlined in the book Healing Lyme by Stephen Harrod Buhner.
  • Core protocol after antibiotics? Core protocol after antibiotics?
    Dear Stephen, Should I assume that the protocol is for anyone who got Lymes, not just recent infections? If so, should I go on the full protocol or partial?
  • Herbs causing inflammation? Herbs causing inflammation?
    Dear Stephen, I have had some kind of inflammatory reaction to the herbs in the tendons of my fingers where the joints are with redness, swelling, tenderness and stiffness. I am not sure what to do.
  • Andrographis and stephania for ALS-type Lyme? Andrographis and stephania for ALS-type Lyme?
    Dear Stephen, Will andrographis and stephania work well on their own, without cat's claw and knotweed? I read in your book that stephania inhibits cytokine production and andrographis does as well.
  • Andrographis and aspirin allergy Andrographis and aspirin allergy
    Dear Stephen, Are you aware of any relationship between aspirin allergy and andrographis, or for that matter any of the herbs in the protocol?
  • Confused by prior post on pregnancy and herbs Confused by prior post on pregnancy and herbs
    Dear Stephen, Previously you advised that cat's claw, astragalus, eleutherococcus, and stephania show no contraindications for pregnancy but on page 103 cat's claw is contraindicated for pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding on protocol Breastfeeding on protocol
    Dear Stephen, I am nursing a 10-month-old. Which herbs can I safely take while breastfeeding and are there any herbs that will help protect the baby or do I just assume the baby is going to come down with it?
  • Wasting time and resources? Wasting time and resources?
    Dear Stephen, I started your herbal program at least a year ago and have only ramped up to 4 Sarsaparilla 3x day and 2 Resveratrol 3x day. Have I been wasting my time by not including the other herbs?
  • High blood pressure High blood pressure
    Dear Stephen, I started the Lyme Protocol a little over a week ago. I started with the Andrographis...I was then on the Cat's Claw for 2 days when I noticed my blood pressure spiked to 139/85.
  • Getting pregnant with lyme Getting pregnant with lyme
    Dear Stephen, I would like to know if you would suggest a maintenance protocol during pregnancy, I mean, herbs that would not harm the fetus but keep borrelia under control.
  • Antibiotics / TOA free cat's claw Antibiotics / TOA free cat’s claw
    Dear Stephen, I have been taking TOA-free Cat's Claw for the last two week. I understand you recommend the whole herb. My LLMD recommends the TOA-free so I'm confused on what to take. Any advice?
  • Vitamin C and glutathione precursors Vitamin C and glutathione precursors
    Dear Stephen, My questions concern your collagenous tissue support protocol: 1) You recommend vitamin C. Is there a particular form which is better? 2) You also recommend ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) in order to raise amount of glutathione.
  • High liver enzymes High liver enzymes
    Dear Stephen, I am having a problem with high liver enzymes. I am on the core protocol. I have heard a warning about cat's claw being a problem with the liver.
  • Red root and hypercoagulation Red root and hypercoagulation
    Dear Stephen, Red Root encourages blood clotting—and most Lymies actually need blood thinners. What do you think about this?
  • Chinese herbs Chinese herbs
    Dear Stephen, My question is about Chinese herbs: forsythia, isatis, gardenia, coptis, phellodendron, houttunya, lonicerae.