Herbal Protocol: Buhner Healing Lyme

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developed by: Stephen Harrod Buhner, master herbalist

Stephen Harrod BuhnerStephen Harrod Buhner, master herbalist and expert on indigenous and contemplative spiritual traditions, offers a comprehensive program of potent herbs that can be used—either alone or in combination with antibiotics—for healing Lyme disease and co-infections.

His book Healing Lyme painstakingly outlines the characteristics of Borrelia burgdorferi (the spirochete that causes Lyme disease), Babesia, Ehrlichia, Bartonella and other co-infectors. He also details the actions of herbs such as andrographis, resveratrol, arteminisin, and cat’s claw, and explains how they can be combined to treat the symptoms—and bacterial infections—of Lyme disease.

These herbs are extremely potent and it is highly recommended that they be used under a knowledgeable practitioner’s guidance in an individualized plan based on your co-infections and health history. Herxes (die-off reactions) can be extremely powerful and great care must be taken.

For support following his protocol, join the Lyme_Aid_Buhner yahoogroup and Planet Thrive’s Healing Lyme support group, and check out his advice column on our site. See also our listing of herb sources.

source: Healing Lyme


  1. Steve

    Stephen, I have been on your lyme protocol now for a little over a month. I had suspected that something has been wrong with my most of my life or that I was even born with it. I am from a small town in Connecticut. Of course I am only finding out for sure now that I am 50. My western blot test came back positive and I have so many symptoms. I am being treated by Dr. zieve in Prescott AZ and using your protocol. I have never used antibiotics. In your experiences, how long if at all before I start to notice any changes or is it to late at my age to start this?

  2. earthwalker

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your comment, but this is not the place to ask Stephen Buhner questions. To submit a question to Buhner, you’ll need to go to his column in the EXPERTS section and click on one of his Q & As, like this one, for instance: When to See Improvement and then click on the purple “submit a question” button in the upper right area underneath Stephen Buhner’s photo.

    Before you submit your question, however, I would encourage you to do a site search or browse his column to make sure your question has not already been answered. I can tell you that it is definitely not too late to start his protocol at age 50!

    Btw, Dr. Zieve diagnosed me with environmental illness in 2004 when I lived in Prescott. It’s nice to hear he is using the Buhner protocol!

    Peace & healing, Julie

  3. Jason Elias

    great book, I use it regularly in treating my lyme clients.

  4. amy sobel

    my niece is 10 yrs old suffers from neurological lyme.
    can raw foods and boosting the immune system can
    that be helpful?? she is going to start your protocol.

  5. Bill Stanton,Naturalmed,Inc,dba,Bill Stanton's Health,a private practice,natural and energetic medicine,utilizing the state-of-the-art in advanced natural and energetic medicines and QXCI electrodiagnostics/electrotherapies

    Yes,the “shift” into sympathetic dominance is likely the definining metabolic characteristic in ME/CFS.I have “been there”. Went “there” in 1977.But whether amygdala dominance or general sympathetic
    shift is involved, the real culprit is loss of detox capacity due to continuous and unending environmental exposures,particularly mercury from amalgams and massive chemical exposure “events”.These exposures are neurotoxic, and thereby neuroexcitatory, and chronic “overstimulation” by these continuous neurotoxins do eventually ‘shift” autonomic balance into “sympathetic dominance”,with all the aforementioned sequelae,
    successful treatment requires:
    1) environmental detoxification,using infrared sauna;magnetic clay baths;specific homeopathic isodes for highest environmntal types (I use QXCI/EPFX electrodiagnostics to determine major toxin types);amalgam removal
    2)Antimicrobials like oil of oregano,grapefruit seed extract,andrographis,etc.
    **3) Must metabolically “re-shift” ANS BALANCE back towards previously lost parasympathtic functions,especially thymus functions and TH1 regeneration,using PRIMARILY “thymus replacement therapy” that utilizes freeze-dried thymus tissue;also lymph and spleen; and possibly liver and adrenal cortex;selenium; and ** the elimination of sugar,fruit, and all refined carbs.The latter is the biggest mistake ALL ME/CFS sufferers make, and THEY WILL NEVER GET BETTER UNTIL THEY STOP STIMULATING SYMPATHETIC DOOMINANCE WITH BOTH DIETARY SUGARS AND REFINED CARBS IN GENERAL….FOR LIFE.

  6. L.

    There are people who are better. Without doing that. That’s a very broad, sweeping generalization and perhaps it is true for some but not for everyone.

  7. Katrin

    I am 36 year old female and I was diagnosed with lyme in September 2010 and usind AB-s approx. 6 months for now. I used to have lots of pain in my elbows, now the pain is in my right shoulder and arm. Any suggestions? or what could be the best herb to take to comfort my pain? Thank you. Katrin

  8. sundeep

    Hi Stephen,
    I have been cycles of sickness from past 3 years. I remember bitten by ticks but was not sure if I have lyme. I have recently started having joint pains, muscle popping and cracks. I have been hospitilized couple of times for being sick with nausea, chills, and lot of muscle pains but the test results are always negative. Then I decided to go for complete lyme test. Here are results. Do you infer anything from 3 and 4 below for which I have postive IgG? I currently on oral antibiotic clarithomycin but was wondering If any herb can help.

    Test Results:
    1) B burgdoferi by Conventional PCR in Blood – Negative
    2) Western Blot(IgM/IgG) – IgMCDC Neg, IgMAIt Neg, IgGCDC Neg, IgGAit Neg
    3) Mycoplasma pnemoniae IgG/IgM by ELISA – IgM Neg, IgG Pos
    4) Bartonella henselae IgG/IgM by ELISA – IgM Neg, IgG Pos
    5) C6 Peptide by ELISA – Neg
    6) IgG/IgM by ELISA – Neg
    7) Babesia microti IgG/IgM by ELISA – IgM Neg, IgG Neg
    8) B burgdoferi by Conventional PCR in Urine – Negative

  9. earthwalker

    Hello Sundeep,
    As noted on our site, the Buhner Q&A column is closed to new questions until June 2011. Feel free to email Stephen directly through his website gaianstudies.org. Best, Julie

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