• Resveratrol from red wine source okay? Resveratrol from red wine source okay?
    Dear Stephen, I took resveratrol from a red wine source for a number of months and didn't notice much. Is it that much different from knotweed?
  • Substitutes for resveratrol and cat's claw Substitutes for resveratrol and cat’s claw
    Dear Stephen, My chiropractor recently muscle tested my supplements. The resveratrol and cat's claw tested negative. Should I substitute something else or try another brand?
  • Let sleeping spirochetes lie? Let sleeping spirochetes lie?
    Dear Stephen, I asked my doc if in my case with mild symptoms whether or not its better to let sleeping spirochetes lie. She didn't know. Am I stirring up a hornet's nest by taking the herbs?
  • Lyme uveitis Lyme uveitis
    Dear Stephen, Despite uveitis being such a common symptom of lyme and company, there seems to be little information on remedies for it.
  • Source Naturals vs. Paradise Herbs resveratrol Source Naturals vs. Paradise Herbs resveratrol
    Dear Stephen, How many capsules of the Paradise Herbs resveratrol do patients need to take to follow the Buhner protocol?
  • Source Naturals' resveratrol formula changed Source Naturals’ resveratrol formula changed
    Dear Stephen, It appears that Source Naturals' resveratrol formula has changed. It now contains red wine extract. Can I use what they sent me and how much should I take, or should I get it elsewhere?
  • Intensified symptoms with resveratrol? Intensified symptoms with resveratrol?
    Dear Stephen, I just started resveratrol (half a pill of the one you recommend in the book) and am having TMJ swelling feelings. Do you see an intensified symptom picture with resveratrol?
  • Knotweed and estrogen positive breast cancer Knotweed and estrogen positive breast cancer
    Dear Stephen, I was diagnosed with early stage estrogen positive breast cancer and one of my doctors told me not to take the knotweed because resveratrol may stimulate cancer cell growth.
  • Hand tremors Hand tremors
    Dear Stephen, Are there any additional herbs, tinctures, or treatments that can stop hand tremors from Lyme? Anxiety makes them worse, but the tremors are always present except when sleeping or during deep meditation.
  • Resveratrol and migraines Resveratrol and migraines
    Dear Stephen, I am very worried about taking Resveratrol. I can not take even one sip of red wine or eat red grapes without suffering with a severe migraine. Will the Resveratrol do the same thing?
  • Resveratrol vs. trans-resveratrol Resveratrol vs. trans-resveratrol
    Dear Stephen, Pure Encapsulations told me that what I need is the "trans" version or resveratrol... is that correct? If so, is the amount of trans-resveratrol the same as the amount of resveratrol you recommend?
  • What is the most minimal lyme treatment? What is the most minimal lyme treatment?
    Dear Stephen, What might be some of the lighter herbs for Lyme? I simply cannot take the storm of a major die-off.
  • Bartonella - protozoan? Bartonella – protozoan?
    Dear Stephen, What treatments of your protocol would you suggest for me to try...since I have never tested positive for Lyme, only Bartonella and a possible Protozoan "blood borne" infection (Frylabs)?
  • Hemo-bartonella Hemo-bartonella
    Dear Stephen, I was recently diagnosed with Hemo-Bartonella or mycoplasma by Fry Labs. I also have Babesia Duncani. What should I add herb -wise for the BLO and Babesia Duncani?
  • Interstitial cystitis Interstitial cystitis
    Dear Stephen, Do you have experience with patients with interstitial cystitis - what herbs can they handle on your protocol?
  • Clarifications on protocol Clarifications on protocol
    Dear Stephen, I have several questions on your protocol: Can the full dosages be maintained beyond 2 months and until the infections are completely eradicated?
  • Andrographis and MS Andrographis and MS
    Dear Stephen, The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database states Andrographis (and Cat's Claw) should not be taken if you have an autoimmune disease, such as MS. Can you please comment on this.
  • Questions on your protocol Questions on your protocol
    Dear Stephen, I've been fighting lyme for three to four years. What can I take to help deal with the cognitive issues with lyme? Also I have chronic candida, should I just try the tincture you mentioned?
  • Reaction to lyme herbs Reaction to lyme herbs
    Dear Stephen, I just started taking the herbs yesterday and only took one of each. Last night I had the chills all night and I had very minor heart palpitations.
  • Spider veins and bartonella Spider veins and bartonella
    Dear Stephen, In "The Lyme Disease Solution" spider veins are listed as a symptom of BLO ("bartonella-like organism") and bartonella. I too have had spider veins and lots of the symptoms listed for BLOs.
  • Herbal Protocol: Buhner Healing Lyme Herbal Protocol: Buhner Healing Lyme
    Comprehensive program of potent herbs that can be used either alone or in combination with antibiotics for healing Lyme disease and co-infections.
  • Buhner Healing Lyme program Buhner Healing Lyme program
    Herb sources for the treatment protocol outlined in the book Healing Lyme by Stephen Harrod Buhner.
  • Core protocol after antibiotics? Core protocol after antibiotics?
    Dear Stephen, Should I assume that the protocol is for anyone who got Lymes, not just recent infections? If so, should I go on the full protocol or partial?
  • Vitamin B feeding Lyme? Vitamin B feeding Lyme?
    Dear Stephen, My doctor says vitamin B is the only thing I can't take because the bug feeds off of B vitamins. In your book you recommend taking it though, because generally people with Lyme are B vitamin deficient. Which is the case?
  • Biotivia Bioforte Biotivia Bioforte
    Dear Stephen, What do you think of Biotivia's 500mg full spectrum resveratrol which has 500mg of Polygonum cuspidatum?
  • Getting pregnant Getting pregnant
    Dear Stephen, My husband and I want to have a child, so I would like to know how long you suggest being on the core protocol before going off of it for pregnancy? What herbs do you recommend for pregnancy?
  • Protocol for young teenage girl Protocol for young teenage girl
    Dear Stephen, My 11-year-old daughter has lyme, bartonella and babesia. Is your herbal protocol safe for her?
  • The buzz about biofilm The buzz about biofilm
    Dear Stephen, Do you feel that lyme bacterium and other pathogens are protected by biofilm layers and that must be treated simultaneously with herbs and/or antibiotics?
  • Andrographis and stephania for ALS-type Lyme? Andrographis and stephania for ALS-type Lyme?
    Dear Stephen, Will andrographis and stephania work well on their own, without cat's claw and knotweed? I read in your book that stephania inhibits cytokine production and andrographis does as well.
  • Andrographis and aspirin allergy Andrographis and aspirin allergy
    Dear Stephen, Are you aware of any relationship between aspirin allergy and andrographis, or for that matter any of the herbs in the protocol?
  • Possible knotweed reaction Possible knotweed reaction
    Dear Stephen, I found some Andrographis on the Oregon coast, ate about an inch long segment of it and I started to feel uneasy, head foggy, spacey...
  • Trans-reservatrol Trans-reservatrol
    Dear Stephen, What is the scoop on trans-resveratrol? Are the brands of resveratrol you recommend the "trans" form - and does it even matter?
  • Knotweed preparation Knotweed preparation
    Dear Stephen, In a previously answered question in your column about "capsule vs. decoction," you wrote to someone about using the whole herb or whole form, tinctures, and decoctions with regards to knotweed.
  • Breastfeeding on protocol Breastfeeding on protocol
    Dear Stephen, I am nursing a 10-month-old. Which herbs can I safely take while breastfeeding and are there any herbs that will help protect the baby or do I just assume the baby is going to come down with it?
  • Houttuynia for bartonella? Houttuynia for bartonella?
    Dear Stephen, Do you have an opinion on the herb houttuynia, which is being used by Dr. Zhang for bartonella, and do you know of any American herbs with similar properties?
  • Orthostatic tachycardia (POTS) Orthostatic tachycardia (POTS)
    Dear Stephen, A year ago I very suddenly developed what has been labeled as P.O.T.S (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). When I sit or stand up my heart rate increases by 20-30 bpm or more.
  • Bismacine to kill encysted lymes? Bismacine to kill encysted lymes?
    Dear Stephen, A friend of mine said that bismacine is the only known thing that will kill off encysted lymes. What is your perspective on that?
  • Intractable neck discomfort / choking symptoms Intractable neck discomfort / choking symptoms
    Dear Stephen, I feel like I am being choked and when I move my neck from side to side my sternocloidomastoid muscles feel like they are so tight and ache so much.
  • Herb best for brain fog Herb best for brain fog
    Dear Stephen, My lingering symptoms are persistent frontal HA/pressure and waxing and waning fog. Any thoughts on which herb can be used to help to clear the fog?
  • Skin fungi herbs Skin fungi herbs
    Dear Stephen, The only problem that's still with me, is pre-lyme skin fungi (before only in my toes, now in my fingers). I suffer from that in winter only, for more than a decade.