stephania root

  • Antibiotics and hearing loss Antibiotics and hearing loss
    Dear Stephen, I have some mild hearing loss from lyme antibiotics and would like to start your protocol, but first want to know if any of the herbs could damage my hearing further.
  • Lyme scalp rash in teenager Lyme scalp rash in teenager
    Dear Stephen, One of the many troubling symptoms my teenage daughter has is a rash that has developed on the back of her head, in the upper neck area near her hairline.
  • Substitutes for resveratrol and cat's claw Substitutes for resveratrol and cat’s claw
    Dear Stephen, My chiropractor recently muscle tested my supplements. The resveratrol and cat's claw tested negative. Should I substitute something else or try another brand?
  • Lyme uveitis Lyme uveitis
    Dear Stephen, Despite uveitis being such a common symptom of lyme and company, there seems to be little information on remedies for it.
  • Stephania causing constipation Stephania causing constipation
    Dear Stephen, I have one problem with using stephania root tincture that I hope you might have a suggestion for - even a small dose of stephania causes constipation.
  • Glaucoma Glaucoma
    Dear Stephen, I have recently been diagnosed with Glaucoma, do you think it is possible to heal the eyes with stephania or is it a support only. Any other suggestions?
  • Meningoradiculitis (Bannwarth's syndrome) and bitten again Meningoradiculitis (Bannwarth’s syndrome) and bitten again
    Dear Stephen, In 2004 I suffered from severe meningoradiculitis along with seven others in my area. Was this lyme? I recently found a tick on me, how should I proceed now?
  • Stephania and beta blockers Stephania and beta blockers
    Dear Stephen, I am currently on a beta blocker, which you say is contraindicated with stephania. The blocker allows me to sleep more soundly without heart palpitations, so I am afraid to stop it. Any thoughts?
  • Hand tremors Hand tremors
    Dear Stephen, Are there any additional herbs, tinctures, or treatments that can stop hand tremors from Lyme? Anxiety makes them worse, but the tremors are always present except when sleeping or during deep meditation.
  • Stephania & Wobenzym N Stephania & Wobenzym N
    Dear Stephen, Wobenzym N helps decrease herx reactions & allows me to breathe better. Should I continue with the wobenzym or will the herbs be enough to control die-off reactions?
  • Carditis and warm/cool herbs Carditis and warm/cool herbs
    Dear Stephen, I noticed that stephania, houttuynia, and artemesia are all "cool" or "cold" herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory. Can you recommend good warming herbs to combine them with?
  • Andrographis and MS Andrographis and MS
    Dear Stephen, The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database states Andrographis (and Cat's Claw) should not be taken if you have an autoimmune disease, such as MS. Can you please comment on this.
  • Herbal Protocol: Buhner Healing Lyme Herbal Protocol: Buhner Healing Lyme
    Comprehensive program of potent herbs that can be used either alone or in combination with antibiotics for healing Lyme disease and co-infections.
  • About to go on Cowden protocol About to go on Cowden protocol
    Dear Stephen, I have had MCS for 15 years (along with CFIDS and FM). The last six years I have also had uveitis (iritis) in one eye. Will the Cowden protocol help with uveitis?
  • Buhner Healing Lyme program Buhner Healing Lyme program
    Herb sources for the treatment protocol outlined in the book Healing Lyme by Stephen Harrod Buhner.
  • Vitamin B feeding Lyme? Vitamin B feeding Lyme?
    Dear Stephen, My doctor says vitamin B is the only thing I can't take because the bug feeds off of B vitamins. In your book you recommend taking it though, because generally people with Lyme are B vitamin deficient. Which is the case?
  • Getting pregnant Getting pregnant
    Dear Stephen, My husband and I want to have a child, so I would like to know how long you suggest being on the core protocol before going off of it for pregnancy? What herbs do you recommend for pregnancy?
  • Andrographis and stephania for ALS-type Lyme? Andrographis and stephania for ALS-type Lyme?
    Dear Stephen, Will andrographis and stephania work well on their own, without cat's claw and knotweed? I read in your book that stephania inhibits cytokine production and andrographis does as well.
  • Cortisol properties in stephania root? Cortisol properties in stephania root?
    Dear Stephen, I found that very soon after getting to the 2 stephania 3x day, I was able to lower my hydrocortisone dose to about 12.5 mg. I'm wondering if stephania root has some cortisol-like properties?
  • Stephania eyewash Stephania eyewash
    Dear Stephen, If I wash my eyes with the stephania root infusion, how should I do it? Should I use an eye cup. Should I use just the clear liquid on top, or the whole, well, mess
  • Orthostatic tachycardia (POTS) Orthostatic tachycardia (POTS)
    Dear Stephen, A year ago I very suddenly developed what has been labeled as P.O.T.S (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). When I sit or stand up my heart rate increases by 20-30 bpm or more.
  • Intractable neck discomfort / choking symptoms Intractable neck discomfort / choking symptoms
    Dear Stephen, I feel like I am being choked and when I move my neck from side to side my sternocloidomastoid muscles feel like they are so tight and ache so much.
  • Resveratrol gave me vertigo Resveratrol gave me vertigo
    Dear Stephen, On knotweed I felt fab after a day or so, and then TERRIBLY dizzy for days until I stopped it. I started out slow. Now what? I have no life.
  • Stephania root eye decoction Stephania root eye decoction
    Dear Stephen, I am about to start your protocol for lyme but I am unsure how to prepare the eye decoction you describe in your book.
  • Stephania tetrandra okay with antibiotics? Stephania tetrandra okay with antibiotics?
    Dear Stephen, Is it okay to take stephania and maybe all of the core protocol with cefalosporins and tinidazole?
  • Plant estrogens Plant estrogens
    Dear Stephen, I am extremely sensitive to plant hormones or precusors, which makes certain herbs and essential oils impossible for me. I worry about resveratrol therefore. Will knotweed have a similar effect?
  • Getting pregnant with lyme Getting pregnant with lyme
    Dear Stephen, I would like to know if you would suggest a maintenance protocol during pregnancy, I mean, herbs that would not harm the fetus but keep borrelia under control.
  • Inflammation Control (stephania extract) & caution? Inflammation Control (stephania extract) & caution?
    Dear Stephen, Stephania tetrandra extract in Inflammation Control (IC) is the first herb I started on your protocol last August. It has helped tremendously with my joint and tendon pain.
  • Japanese knotweed and hot flashes Japanese knotweed and hot flashes
    Dear Stephen, I've tried both the Source Natural resveratrol and Plum Flowers Hu Zhang and both give me sleep disabling hot flashes. Is that because of their phytoestrogens knocking my stronger estrogens off?
  • Mixing Cowden and Healing Lyme protocols Mixing Cowden and Healing Lyme protocols
    Dear Stephen, I am on the Cowden protocol and am considering adding in andrographis and japanese knotweed and just wondered if you had any suggestions.
  • Bell's palsy of the gut Bell’s palsy of the gut
    Dear Stephen, Do you have any herbal suggestions for the lyme associated symptom, Bell's Palsy of the Gut? I am having some success with Triphala and Neem.
  • Severe skin burning Severe skin burning
    Dear Stephen, My primary symptom from Lyme is severe skin burning. I have not been able to wear shoes/socks for five years. What do you suggest to stop this awful pain?
  • Intolerance to knotweed? Intolerance to knotweed?
    Dear Stephen, My question now is about knotweed. I could take it for a few months last year in low doses but recently developed a clear reaction to it.
  • Biopure tinctures Biopure tinctures
    Dear Stephen, What do you think about Biopure tinctures? Do you still think the whole herb is better/ safer than these tinctures?
  • Lyme carditis Lyme carditis
    Dear Stephen, You say stephania root is contraindicated in lyme carditis, but elsewhere in that chapter of Healing Lyme it says you've found it effective in treating arrhythmia, angina and myocardial infarction.