water filtration

  • pure air and water pure air and water
    The quality of the air you breathe and the water you ingest, bathe and launder with should be of prime importance to anyone concerned about health.
  • Water Filters Water Filters
    Nowadays, with all of our waterways polluted by pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, it's critical we purify our drinking, bathing, and laundry water.
  • Filter for drinking and hard bath water Filter for drinking and hard bath water
    Dear Dr. Rea, For about 4 months, after using hard water (city supplied) for drinking and bathing, my hair has become very thin and every time I shampoo I lose around 200 hairs instantly. Which water filter can solve my problem?
  • Best source of water? Best source of water?
    Dear Dr. Rea, I'm trying to figure out the best way to source water. Should one drink bottled water only or is filtered better? Distilled? What about well water? And for shower and sink - what type of whole house purification system do you recommend?