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PT Founder, Julie Genser
PT Founder, Julie Genser

Planet Thrive founder Julie Genser has been participating in a national cooking competition called the Favorite Chef competition for the past several weeks. She is currently in 1st place in her group, and she can really use your support in the next few days! This Thursday, June 27, at 7pm PDT, they are going to pick the FINALISTS for the competition. Only those currently in 1st place in their group will be chosen as a finalist, so it is critical Julie doesn’t lose her lead before Thursday. To support Julie, you can vote for her (for free) here: VOTE NOW

The Favorite Chef competition is hosted by chef Carla Hall and supports the reputable James Beard Foundation, an organization that provides critical resources for chefs and other food and beverage professionals. Their transformative programs promote inclusivity and sustainability. If you choose to purchase votes for your Favorite Chef, the proceeds will go to support the James Beard Foundation, a very worthy cause!

Chef Carla Hall

You may remember Carla Hall as a contestant on seasons 5 and 8 of “Top Chef.” She won over hearts worldwide with her kooky, upbeat personality and culinary expertise. She went on to become a popular TV personality on “The Chew.” Now, as host of her own HBO show “Chasing Flavor” and presenter of Favorite Chef, she continues to inspire with diverse cuisines, making cooking an irresistible adventure for all.

There are two prizes as part of the Favorite Chef competition: Carla’s Pick and People’s Choice. To win Carla’s Pick, competing chefs will have the opportunity to showcase their plated presentation skills to be recognized by Food Network star Carla Hall. The winner will be sent to NYC on a fabulous culinary adventure. For People’s Choice, one incredible cook with a blend of passion, tenacity, and a little bit of fire will be chosen by the public to take the title of the 2024 Favorite Chef. The winner of People’s Choice will receive $25K, a cover feature on Taste of Home magazine, and a private cooking experience with Carla Hall.

© Julie Genser
Mushroom + Onion Flatbread with “Cocotta” Cheese

What would PT founder Julie Genser do with $25K if she won the top prize? She shares on her competition profile page, “I would create my own commercial kitchen so I can offer my community delicious and nutritious prepared foods to-go. Unfortunately due to a past toxic brain injury, I cannot be around natural gas or propane stoves, and am affected by certain electromagnetic fields (EMFs) so I am currently unable to work in commercial kitchens and that has been very limiting for me. My community has been missing out on my nourishing meals for years! I would love to be able to change that.”

She is hoping to win so she can bring to national attention to how some slight accommodations in the workplace can allow those with chemical and electromagnetic sensitivities the opportunity to be productive members of their local community. She also wants to highlight the importance of ingredient sourcing, organic and regenerative farming, allergy-friendly cooking, and proper food preparation — such as soaking grains, beans and nuts before eating, making low histamine bone broth, and lacto fermentation techniques.

© Julie Genser
Chicken Lemongrass Noodle Soup

Julie is hoping the environmental illness community will rally together to help her keep her 1st place standing in the next few days. This Thursday, June 27, at 7pm PDT, finalists will be chosen and from there, Carla’s Pick and People’s Choice. So this week is particularly important for her to receive as many votes as possible.

You can vote for her for free once every 24 hours here: VOTE FOR JULIE

View more photos of her delicious and nutritious dishes at the bottom of her competition profile page.


  1. Marie LeBlanc

    I hope you win. You deserve it. Your cooking looks so tasty. You have helped us all so much. I really am rooting for you Julie

  2. earthwalker

    Thank you so much, Marie, for your good wishes and loyal support throughout this process!

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