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Healing Lyme
Herbs for Morgellon’s disease?
with Stephen Harrod Buhner, master herbalist


Dear Stephen,
I am curious whether you have had experience treating Morgellon’s Disease with your Healing Lyme protocol. How would you advise someone with Morgellon’s to proceed? Thanks!

Stephen’s response:
Morgellon’s disease is very new, very complex, and somewhat controversial, and there are not any herbalists that I know of who are focused on treating it. If one does have the common symptoms associated with it I can suggest a couple of things:

1. For the sensation of crawling under the skin: vitamin b-12, 5000 mcg sublingual daily. It probably will not stop the problem but it can often help.

2. For brain fog: resveratrol, vincamine, huperzine A. Usually from inflammation in the brain or CNS, this will help lessen that and increase mental acuity as a result.

3. For fatigue: eleutherococcus
In general, the deep fatigue comes from the body having to deal with a continuing infection; all its resources go there and not into a general feeling of vitality. Eleuthero will raise immune function and also increase energy levels. It will also help with depression.

4. Skin lesions: the skin lesions are problematical. This is always a difficult condition to treat, no matter what the cause. However, because of some of the aspects of the skin problems associated with Morgellons that research has shown, the use of the collagen protocol outlined in my Healing Lyme book should help. Specifically: “Eighteen specimens, taken from a 57-year-old woman reveal bone, synovium and joint tissue having extensive degenerative fragmentation, roughening and bony formation and underlying extensive degeneration of the bone.” This seems to be common and the collagen protocol should help.

5. Fiber growth: the problems with the fiber growth are, well, really strange and though I have looked through some of the newer research on it, the reason why it is occurring is unknown. The collagen protocol should help strengthen the skin structure, the resveratrol should help with the inflammation. However until the underlying cause is determined it will be hard to treat the underlying cause. This pretty much throws things into the symptom treatment category until then. Since antibiotics do work to some extent with the condition, it does point to an underlying bacterial cause (working hypothesis). This means that increasing immune function should help. The fact that about half of the people with Morgellons (at least from one study I looked over) have lyme is interesting and stimulates the question as to whether or not it is related. Maybe.

The skin problems are, well, horrible. I have two suggestions besides those offered, both experimental.

1. Cryptolepis tincture: this is a remarkable antibacterial herb, perhaps the only systemic general herbal antibacterial of any strength. I suggest it for systemic staph that does not respond to antibiotics – it works very well. I also suggest it for babesia (not enough data yet to tell if it is reliable for this). You might consider trying it. Cryptolepis tincture is available from Woodland Essence (315.845.1515) in Cold Brook, New York.

2. The second suggestion appears in the article Eaten Alive published in the Guardian Unlimited on Tuesday, April 10, 2007. I have looked into this a bit and it sounds very promising. Not a cure but perhaps something that can help a great deal. It is an odd thing but I have had similar reports from people and have seen the healing involved and it is impressive. Whether it would help with this is unknown but if I had the condition I would try it without hesitation.

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  • Danser

    December 13, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    The history of Morgellons goes back to the 1600’s, when doctor reports of children and women in the Languedoc region of France described a condition with coarse fibers protruding from their skin in a town called Morgellons. By the 1700’s, Morgellons was considered a normal childhood disease and one so common among women that they never called physicians but merely treated it themselves. The modern version of the disease occurs in men, women, children and even family pets. It is contagious and can take over whole families.

    Patients who suffer from Morgellons disease sometimes feel hopeless that they will ever find a cure for the horrible symptoms. The disease is characterized by the sensation of tiny animals creeping, crawling, stinging, biting, and scratching under the skin and fibers protruding from the skin. Skin lesions that will not heal are also very common with Morgellons patients. Most think this is a parasite-based disease. In fact, some patients have reported seeing small worms that came out of their skin or tunneling under the skin. They want Morgellons disease conquered no matter the cost. Dealing with these horrible symptoms is bad enough, but there are also many other symptoms reported by those who say they have Morgellons.

    These symptoms include pervasive joint and muscle pain, debilitating fatigue, memory loss, lack of mental acuity, vision changes, neurological or behavioral disorders, and more. With all of these terrible symptoms, some patients become depressed and suicidal. They often are ostracized and cannot continue work due to the open sores that will not heal and the neurological symptoms of the disease. Some severe behavioral disorders such as Attention Deficit, Bipolar, Obsessive-Compulsive, and psychosis, have also been associated with Morgellons. To get these symptoms of Morgellons disease conquered, doctors often prescribe medicines that are used to treat delusional or psychotic patients or antibiotics that are not effective; they never work.

    However, many Morgellons patients have found relief for their symptoms through a mineral supplement of true colloidal silver suspended in clustered water at extremely high concentrations. Two thousand times more powerful than most colloidal silver products, this substance starts to clear up mental symptoms within two weeks and skin lesions dry up and heal in two to three weeks. Patients are seeing Morgellons disease conquered through use of this product. Some report seeing the parasites quickly exiting the body in a major purge. They report mental clarity and short term memory restoration, as well as completely healed skin lesions and no more creepy, crawly sensations. From a ruined life to a second chance, patients are receiving their lives back after the healing of Morgellons symptoms.
    Russell B. Altman is an internationally known expert on Morgellons Disease http://www.nutrasilver.com/pages/morgellons-treatment-eliminate-morgellons-symptoms-fast . You can find the relief you are looking for; please visit our website http://www.nutrasilver.com

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