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Healing Lyme
Pau d’arco
with Stephen Harrod Buhner, master herbalist


Dear Stephen,
I’ve been told that pau d’arco has strong antiviral qualities. It isn’t covered in your book, Healing Lyme. I was wondering if you had any more information on this herb at this time, especially with respect to other antimicrobial activity and cautions for use. Thank you for your help.

Stephen’s response:
Pau d’Arco is a good herb. It isn’t in the book as there is little data showing that it is good for lyme, keeping in mind however that some people that have used it have felt it of benefit. Again, any herb may be of help in lyme it is just that the data for this one in lyme treatment was not strong enough for me to feel it deserved direct attention. If you do a Google search for the herb you should be able to find a good amount of material on its actions and contraindications.

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