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Healing Lyme
LLMD wants to know: why cryptolepis?
with Stephen Harrod Buhner, master herbalist


Dear Stephen,
I just started cryptolepis as the first part of a regimen for Babesia duncani. I am helping educate one of my wonderful Lyme doctors about the Buhner Protocol as she is very open to utilizing more herbs. Her question is why you have made the change from artemisia (she uses artemisinin) to cryptolepis as the first herb of choice for Babesia. I have your book and CD but did not have an answer as to why you may prefer cryptolepsis, or at least for certain patients. What may I tell her? Also, is crypto as hard on the liver as artemisinin? I survived serious liver damage from Ketek in 2005 and have my liver enzymes checked very frequently, but my Lyme doctors and I try to choose antibiotics and herbs that are less hepatotoxic for me. Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
Artemisinin is an isolated constituent, cryptolepis is a whole herb, as such it is better for the body and much harder for bacteria to develop resistance to—at this point malaria is developing a rapid resistance to artemisinin but not to cryptolepis. Artemisinin has more side effects, crypto much less—it is much safer for the liver, no side effects have been noted to its use. That is what I would use if I were you.

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