Biohazard SymbolEducate yourself on ingredients found in many common products and make the appropriate lifestyle changes to protect yourself and your family from developing cancer, chemical sensitivity and other other serious and disabling health challenges.

42 Common Toxic Chemicals and Their Effects
Describes toxicity in humans, including acute and chronic effects.

Angel Perfume
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), chemical analysis and other information on the safety of Angel Perfume, manufactured by Thierry Mugler, distributed by Clarins, and primarily sold in Nordstrom’s.

Armchair Activist
Blog of Barb Rubin, disabled in September of 2000 as a result of acute and chronic exposures to organophosphate pesticides (dursban). Read her many insightful, articulate and provocative letters to the editor, sent to magazines and newspapers across the country over the past several years.

CHEC’s HealtheHouse
The resource for environmental health risks affecting your children–with information on a variety of topics, including fragrances in air fresheners and deodorizers.

Drugs Metabolized by Cytochrome P450
List of drugs that are metabolized by a specific cytochrome P450 isoform, along with the published inhibitors, inducers and genetic influences on that isoform–with hyperlinks to specific literature references, most of which include a link to the abstract of the article in the NLM’s PubMed database.

Formaldehyde and its Antagonists
A treatis on eliminating formaldehyde from the body, workplace, and home.

Fragranced Consumer Products and Undisclosed Ingredients (PDF)
“Fragranced Consumer Products and Undisclosed Ingredients,” by Anne C. Steinemann, to be published in Environmental Impact Assessment Review in 2008.

Fragranced Products Information Network
Comprehensive website on health, environmental, and regulatory aspects related to fragrance.

Nontoxic Printmaking
Research resource and workshop guide for artists, educators and printmakers.

SPECT Scan After Perfume Exposure
Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography (SPECT) scan of MCS patient’s brain before and after challenge with perfume inhalation.

Toxic Trespass Map has started a Beta version Toxic Trepass map for people to report toxic hazards where they live and elsewhere: gas stations, factories, scheduled pesticide activities, suspicious odors, and more. The map also includes safer locations—pesticide free zones and Safer Building Certified properties.

Toxics Information Page
TIP focuses specifically and exclusively on toxics in everyday products, their health effects and alternatives to their use. Part of their mission is to stimulate people to think about and to question the chemicals that they are putting into their bodies everyday through absorption, inhalation and ingestion.

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