Earthing bookI recently stayed at a raw vegan retreat center for two weeks that offered all their guests the opportunity to use an Earthing bedsheet during their stay. The sheet is constructed with a grid of silver thread that is connected to a grounding cord. The cord is plugged into a working ground on a three prong outlet in the wall. The underlying premise of the sheet is that by laying on one of these sheets as you sleep at night, all excess electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that have built up in your body over the course of the day will be released back down into the earth through the ground in your outlet. This practice can help reduce inflammation and pain in the body, among other benefits. I have heard rave reviews of these sheets and other earthing products by people with lyme disease over the years and although curious, had never invested in any of them to try them myself. I am grateful to the retreat center for providing their guests with this free sampling of the earthing sheet. After one night on the sheet, I immediately ordered a sheet myself. It has improved my life immensely in a short time.

My experience with the earthing sheet for the first week was that it made me feel like I was floating on a cloud and put me into a deep sleep for 11-12 hours per night. I normally only need 6-7 hours of sleep. I was very affected by the sheet, although other guests I talked to were not. I spent all my free time laying on the sheet, as it made me feel so good and an added benefit was that it completely stopped the body itching I have been plagued with for many months. I suspect the effect was so apparent to me because I am electromagnetically sensitive. After about five days of deep sleep and relaxation on the sheet, the effect seemed to wane. However I am still committed to using these products and plan to purchase the other options, including a car mat and items you can use while working on the computer.

Where I am living now, there is 24/7 WiFi and I share an adjacent wall with someone who uses a lot of wireless products. I can also see a microwave tower nearby. Yet, I am able to get a full night’s sleep easily and I attribute some of that to the earthing sheet I now sleep on every night. The sheets are pricey – close to $200 – but I recommend trying one out if you have a friend who owns one, or possibly purchasing one of the less expensive options to see how your body responds.

I am so happy to have discovered it and it came at the perfect time, as I am venturing out more into the world and all the wireless technology it contains. What a relief to have a powerful yet simple tool to help me live with this higher load of EMFs. Listen to Dr. Stephen Sinatra of the Heart MD Institute discuss the benefits of earthing in the below video:

Check out all the earthing products available for purchase online at

There are certainly natural ways to ground oneself that don’t cost a dime. These include walking or running barefoot, or sitting on natural surfaces in direct contact with the earth (like sand, dirt, grass, the ocean, boulders). You can also Google to find many inexpensive ways to create your own grounding mechanisms.

Do you have experience with Earthing products? Please share your story in the comments section below.


  1. Susi

    I have a couple of friends who have done extensive work with Deborah Singleton aroudn EMF reduction, and they swear by these products as giving similar results to the balancing/grounding work that she does. glad you found them!

  2. earthwalker

    That is fascinating Susi, thank you for sharing that information. I know a few people who had severe EMF sensitivity who say Debby Singleton saved their life. To hear that your friends compare the earthing effects to what she does is really great to know!! I’ve always wished I could get treatment from her, but I guess now I am getting the same thing for a fraction of the cost and effort. Appreciate you taking the time to share here. xxxx

  3. Caroline Kline

    I had a very similar experience to Julie’s-dramatic. As a matter of fact, I attribute using the pads for the car, pad at the computer and then the bedsheets ovenight to being when my ES started to leave. And I recommend the bedsheets the MOST highly. I had ES EXTREMELY, 6 yrs. My doctor told me others were reporting success with it…I always try to do what he tells me to. :-) Honestly, my ES is very reduced. I just don’t think about it much anymore-except for few areas. It remains where other stressors could be contributing – like on computer, limited phone yet, and still restricted operating car long distance. But that is WAYYY better than it isued to be. Couldn’t used to be on computer 2 minutes (longest lately is 2 hours-it’s still improving/fluctuating), could NOT run the oven, there was NO PHONE in my life, now 5 minutes accomplishes so very much if I can stay calm. Worth a try if you can find the bucks. Lord knows we’ve all spent a heck of a lot more on our therapies, pills, etc. Might be some sort of guarantee-not sure now-check his site. Best to you all, C

  4. Jason

    Deborah Singleton just suggested that Nicole purchase one, so there is definitely a major link there! Glad you’re getting good results.

  5. Theresa

    I have been using an Earthing sheet for over two years, along with the mat for the car, the mat for computer use and the wrist/body straps. I don’t go anywhere without them! I am incredibly EMF sensitive …though less now than I was two years ago.
    (Healing in progress…yay!!)

    Both my husband (who is not EMF sensitive) and myself could really feel the dramatic difference the first several nights we used the sheet. Whenever I am particularily affected I turn to one of these products. Yes, they are pricey, but so worth it! We opted to buy the half sheet, which we use on our Queen bed by laying across the bottom (on top of our regular sheets), so we both can reach it with bare feet. These are the most helpful products I’ve come across for EMF sensitivities…and I’ve tried a few!!
    I would also suggest reading the Earthing book that comes with these products…I’ve shared it with many friends…so much great info. included. Very eye- opening!

  6. earthwalker

    Wow Caroline, that is awesome, thank you so much for sharing your improvements! Gives those of us with EMF sensitivity hope!! xxx

  7. earthwalker

    Jason, wow, you’re in Dallas already! So glad to hear you have visited with Deborah Singleton – I really hope she can help Nicole. Glad you are getting an earthing sheet too. I love laying on mine!!! Much love xxx

  8. earthwalker

    So glad to hear about your experience, Theresa! Congrats on all your improvements. I appreciate the reminder to read the book, I have it laying here in front of me. xx

  9. earthwalker

    Someone with amalgam fillings shared on the Planet Thrive Facebook page that using the earthing sheet gave them a horrible metallic taste in their mouth and caused a neuropathy flareup in their lower extremities. So I just want to caution those with amalgams in their mouth to proceed cautiously if they decide to try it. Personally I would remove the amalgams and do some chelation before using an earthing product like this.

  10. earthwalker

    Just a note that you need to test your outlet to make sure that it is properly grounded before using your earthing product. My sheet came with an outlet tester. If your product does not come with the tester, I believe you can order one separately or you might find one in your local hardware store.

  11. llama

    I read the books and comments about earthing and bought the Recovery Bag (like a sleeping bag) as well as Universal Mat from England; apart from after the first evening’s use, I have felt no benefits. I also bought an outlet tester to confirm everything worked. Everything is correctly earthed.

    I still sleep in the Recovery Bag (it cost a *lot* of money!) in t-shirt every night so my body is in direct contact with the bag; I place my bare feet on the Universal Mat when I am working at my computer every day. I have felt no benefits – even after a year.

    I was so excited when I read about the products, I told friends about them – so they also bought: they’re in Australia and Malaysia. They too report no changes to their arthritis, insomnia and restless sleep, back pain, general aches, and stiff joints.

    It was a VERY expensive experience – with no good news to be reported. Proceed with caution!

  12. Peter Mauser

    This looks amazing, and I have a question. I’ve recently become sensitive to both chemicals and EMFs, and thanks to the latter I find that I’m now reacting to my Amazon Kindle even when the wireless is off. I assume it’s due to the small amount of electricity or the EM field that the device gives off (though I’ve read that the Kindle generates only 0.0003 volts in non-wireless mode, so it’s kind of surprising that I should be having reactions). Would grounding myself when I use it — either on the actual ground or on a grounding mat — be likely to help with this? Also, when a person grounds for a while, does that give him/her a “reserve” of free electrons that then makes it easier to tolerate electrical devices for a while, even after one has stopped grounding?

    Many thanks, and I love the clip.

  13. earthwalker

    I don’t personally know the answer to that but I would say it’s worth a try. You can buy one of the less expensive grounding mats that is meant for computer use and see if it helps. Let us know!

  14. earthwalker

    Sorry to hear you did not notice benefits. Other people who tested the same sheet I was using did not notice benefits either. I only noticed benefits for the first 4-5 days or so. But the benefits were profound. Even though I don’t feel anything now, I will use the sheet for a long time. I also ordered the car mat and computer mat but haven’t tried them yet.

  15. Selma

    I’ve been sleeping on a fitted earthing sheet for 2 months grounded to the outside through the window to rod in the ground. I’ve noticed no difference. I’m in the neuro lyme/MS type/ Fibromyalgia/some MCS category.

  16. Dana Ellis

    I got my sheet for Christmas. The first time I used it I took a 3 hour nap, slept 12 hours that night and then took a 3 hour nap the next day. Unheard of for me. Since then, I’m down to about 8 really good hours of sleep and lots of energy during the day.

    Peter, I would think it would help. I would also read up on Candida overgrowth. The chemical sensitivity is a huge symptom for Candida.

  17. Ian Brindley

    My wife and I have been using a full size earthing sheet and mat to use with the computer,for the past two weeks and both of us have found the results to be quite the opposite of what everyone else seems to be reporting – we have been having restless sleep, headaches and generally feeling unwell with no improvement in aches and pains (I have Fibromyalgia) and no improvement in my wife’s chronic respiratory problems. We will try for a while longer as it has been suggested that these ill effects are due to the body detoxifying. However, if things don’t improve, we will have to stop using the earthing products. We had such high hopes for this but very disappointed thus far.

  18. earthwalker

    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for sharing you and your wife’s experience here. It’s odd that you BOTH are experiencing negative reactions. Have you tested your outlet to make sure it is properly grounded? It makes me wonder if either the sheet or outlet are defective. I would contact the company and tell them that you both are having problems from the sheet and see what they say. Ask them if the sheet could be defective and increasing the EMFs in your body rather than decreasing them. Maybe they can send a replacement. I hope you can figure it out. Best, Julie

  19. Paul W.

    Bought my universal mat a couple years ago, and I still sit on it with short shorts (bare legs) all day, but I have noticed nothing. I am very sensitive to feelings, too, and I feel absolutely no difference with Earthing.

  20. Alan

    Instead of helping, I felt the earthing products caused problems. Felt electrical sensations with the mat where had to immediately stop where the earthing sheets led to mild heart rhythm disturbances. Further I lent the earthing sheets to someone with fibromyalgia who felt it made the pains much worse. The company tells all sweet and happy success stories and no contraindications of why in some cases the products might not be a good idea. Further, the company would not accept a return of a product that did not work as advertised. Don’t assume this will help. One thing good for another might be terrible for another. Works that way in most things in life. Use at your own risk.

  21. earthwalker

    Hi Alan,
    Thank you so much for adding your experience here. I feel it is so important to know that a range of experiences is possible so people are aware of the risks as well as the benefits. I was remiss not to mention in my article that the earthing products could exacerbate symptoms or create new ones for some people, but honestly I just was not aware of that when I wrote it. I am thankful you posted here. I hope more people will share their experiences here – whether positive, negative, or neutral. Best, Julie

  22. Mega

    Smells like more green-washed spiritual capitalism to me. “Be more connected, be healthier, get the body-mind experience you’ve always wanted and have your very own consumer revolution with OUR AWESOME PRODUCTS” Bullsh*t. The west remains the most prone to amnesia while chasing the fountain of ecological oneness while we pretend that we, as green-liberalized Americans are smarter, prettier and luckier than people of those dark places where people actually LIVE, SLEEP, DREAM, WORK with earth….We always want the cake and then,,,,another cake,,even if it’s an artis-anal, free-range, local, blessed by the llamas, better than you, quinoa, raw vegan cake covered in an earthing sheet!

  23. Julie

    Thanks Mega, your post made me smile. I totally get what you are saying and agree with you. But, alas, I seem to have more compassion for Westerners than you do. Can you really blame people for their “amnesia” as you call it? Most people are products of their environment – even those living in “those dark places” you refer to. I’d much rather spend money on an earthing sheet than a bag of RoundUp or genetically modified corn chips. Yes, spiritual capitalism is distasteful and harmful. But greedy ruthless toxic capitalism even more so. The earthing sheet has helped me immensely, personally, and so I share my experience in case it can help another. If I went to live in a cave and it helped me, I would share that, too. My focus is on alleviating the suffering of those with severe debilitating environmental illness. And just to mention, Planet Thrive does not sell earthing sheets. I was just sharing my experience with one. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us all.

  24. Pete

    I have a brand new earthing sheet . When I took it out of the package, it had a fishy smell. Is that normal?

  25. Wendy

    I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and bought 2 Mercola earthing mats. I was shocked and distressed by the very strong chemical smell that permeated the mat, cover, tester, box, and (even after I washed the mat and cover) my sheets reeked, After 3 nights of trying the mat on my bed (2 of the 3 nights I slept better than I have in ages), I had severe reactions including respiratory irritation, headaches, terribel brain fog etc. Sadly, I had no choice but to put everything, including the sheets into an air-tight bag and I am still trying to regain my previous health status.

    I assume I am smelling the rubber – it is astounding to me that I ordered a product specifically for symptoms related to MCS yet being near the mat makes me even sicker. Wondering if this is the only earthing mat with this problem or are there others which are made with a view to protecting our health and the environment from such toxic off-gassing.

    Please advise, I would really like to be able to use this mat. Hoping Mercola will reimburse me…..

  26. Julie

    Hi Wendy,
    I don’t know about Mercola’s products… but anything rubber I would assume needs offgassing. Have you offgassed it for a week or longer to see if it is any better?

    I did well with the sheets I ordered from from the beginning but I had already done brain retraining to improve my MCS. The earthing products helped ground my body and improved EHS symptoms but as far as I know they did not help my MCS. I’m not sure how they would help MCS…. where did you hear that?

    You might want to keep the items and offgas them while you try brain retraining to reduce your reactivity, and then try them again…

    Best, Julie

  27. Ben

    Hi there I am about to purchase an earthing mat tho being a few brands around like ‘Better earthing’ stating they have more silver 43% instead of 3% or so, is there a better brand more Eco than others?

    I’m very cautious as to what materials the sheets are made from especially after hearing the off gasing stories!

    Any help would be much appreciated as we have a wellness cafe/store with a lot of sick people coming in looking for natural alternative to heal


  28. Ev

    Come on guys…all the earthing website says is it improves inflamation. There is no claim of any kind of miracle. If the product is returnable within 30 days. What is all of this negativity? I paid 29.95 for an earthing mat kit. Its great. If it does not work for you send it back.

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