EFT for coping with people who don’t “get” MCS

by Lisa Snow

Frustrated by people who don't "get" MCS

What is EFT?
This article is about EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, a method of gentle fingertip tapping on ancient acupressure points on the face, body and hands to balance the body’s energy system. Although EFT is NOT intended to cure any disease, it can provide emotional and physical benefits for people living with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). If you are new to EFT, be sure check out the diagram of EFT tapping points and/or watch a short video demonstration. You can also take a look at my previous Planet Thrive article, an introduction to EFT for MCS.

The emotional stresses of MCS
From a medical standpoint, each MCS patient is extremely unique. The symptoms, list of triggers that cause reactions, the length of time required for diagnosis and so on, vary dramatically between individuals. For this reason, many people who approach MCS from a scientific standpoint miss the numerous *similarities* between MCS patients. Most people with MCS share a history of severe or repeated chemical and/or mold exposure, difficulty finding safe housing, and a series of other illnesses that do not cause MCS, but seem to appear with it, such as: food allergies, inhalant allergies, toxic heavy metals buildup, gastrointestinal diseases, candida, and so forth. Interestingly, many people with MCS also share a similar emotional profile. This does NOT mean that emotional issues cause MCS! Nor does it mean that working through these emotional challenges will cure or even treat MCS – it won’t. The fact that many MCS people share the same emotional issues also does NOT mean that MCS patients share a similar personality. I have observed a wide variety of different personality types, life experiences, etc. among people with MCS. What it DOES mean is that practitioners like me have a lot to learn from the MCS community, and that many people with MCS can get a tremendous stress-relief benefit from processing the emotional baggage that almost all MCS people share.

EFT is a powerful tool to help unload the emotional baggage we carry through life. I would be willing to bet that every last person with MCS has encountered at least one person (probably many, many people) who “just don’t get” MCS. Either they don’t think it’s a real disease, or they don’t think it’s “that serious,” or they think it’s “all in your head.” You know them. They are your friends, family, neighbors, and sadly, some of your doctors. You get angry, frustrated, and depressed that the people who are most important to you can’t understand the most serious health challenge you have ever faced. But if you try to accept how they react to your MCS diagnosis, it feels like giving up. It feels like admitting that they’re right, that it’s not a serious disease, etc. On the other hand, you know that having all this pent-up anger and frustration can’t be good for your immune system or your health in general. EFT can help you release this conflict without selling yourself short.

Accepting exactly how you feel in the moment
The beauty of EFT is that you never have to deny how you truly feel. No one is going to force you to say affirmations like “I forgive him” when you really don’t, or “I’m fine with what she said” when you really want to scream at her. (If you WANT to include positive affirmations later in the process, you absolutely can, but no one is going to say you have to affirm things that don’t sound true yet.) Instead, EFT phrases straightforwardly state the problem, so that the body’s energy system can wipe away the negative thoughts that don’t serve you anymore. EFT phrases sound like they are “repeating the negative,” and therefore sound strange to “newbies”. However, it is these supposedly “negative” phrases that make EFT work! It is like writing your problems on a chalkboard, then using EFT like a giant eraser to clear them out of your life. Another beautiful metaphor (which I stole from a client) is that EFT is like an old-fashioned typewriter: you type the same words again with the eraser tape to lift the ink right off the paper, leaving a clean, white sheet. So I know I’m repeating myself, but don’t be afraid to use words that express what you really think – let it all out! You won’t be reinforcing the negative; you’ll be letting it go once and for all.


  • Even though I am so angry at him for not taking me seriously, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • Even though I feel so betrayed that she doesn’t think I am “really” sick, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Each phrase that follows will end with the phrase “I deeply and completely accept myself.” You don’t have to accept OTHER PEOPLE’s negativity, judgmental attitudes, or factually incorrect beliefs about MCS. But we could all stand to work towards accepting OURSELVES, in spite of other people’s behavior. Even if “I deeply and completely accept myself” doesn’t sound one hundred percent true right now, go ahead and say it anyway. It’s a goal we are heading towards, not a place we already have to be.

Sample tapping scripts

Finish each of the following setup phrases with, “I deeply and completely accept myself.” The setup phrase is repeated while tapping on the “karate chop” point three times. Choose the one that resonates most strongly with your own feelings. You can do multiple rounds, using a new setup phrase for each round.

  • Even though I can’t believe _______________ (name of person) said that to me…
  • Even though ___________ (name) just doesn’t get it no matter how hard I try to explain…
  • Even though _____________ (name) doesn’t believe me in spite of the fact that I’ve been diagnosed by several different doctors/experts…
  • Even though ______________ (name) can’t grasp how serious my health challenge is…
  • Even though I’m so depressed that _____________ (name) doesn’t respect me enough to take this seriously…
  • Even though ______________ (name) thinks it’s “all in my head” and it makes me furious…
  • Even though it hurts so much that _____________ (name) is convinced I’m imagining this whole thing…
  • Even though I just can’t understand why _______________ (name) doesn’t get that MCS is real when my symptoms are obvious…
  • Even though I’m exasperated with _____________ (name) for telling me _______________ (his or her exact words denying your diagnosis)…
  • Even though I’m so angry at the establishment for not taking MCS seriously…
  • Even though I’m so mad at ______________ (pick one a particular hospital, one specific government health agency, etc) for not recognizing MCS…
  • Even though I get so frustrated trying to explain MCS to ___________ (name of person)…
  • Even though I’m afraid ________________ (name) won’t make the effort to accommodate me…
  • Even though I’m so worried that ________________ (name) will stop being my friend because it’s just too much effort to include me…
  • Even though I’m sick and tired of explaining MCS to people who just refuse to listen…
  • Even though ______________ (name) hurt me so much by not trusting that I know my body and my health better than any so-called experts…
  • Even though I feel so alone when friends and family don’t believe me…
  • Even though I get so frustrated that I can’t change their minds…

Then use a short reminder phrase to tap 6-7 times on each of the tapping points to complete the round.

Example reminder phrases for “Even though it hurts so much that _____________ (name) is convinced I’m imagining this whole thing…”:

  • It’s hurts so much.
  • _____________ (name) thinks I’m imagining this whole thing.

Finish your tapping session with a round of one of the following on all points:

  • I choose to be calm and confident, regardless of what others think or say.
  • I choose to be completely peaceful, even though they haven’t all come around yet.

I have been an EFT practitioner for 5+ years, hold basic and advanced certificates in EFT, and specialize in clients with MCS as well as people with food allergies. If you think EFT could be a helpful addition to your existing health care, you can sign up for a free sample session by emailing me at eftpersonaltrainer@gmail.com. Please include the below information:

Your name:
Phone number:
State/Time zone:
Number of years you have had MCS:
What other doctors/health professionals have you seen?
Have you used EFT before for ANY issue: Yes / No
Have you used EFT before for any MCS symptom: Yes / No
Best time to call is: Weekday afternoons / Weekday evenings / Weekends
Would you be okay on the phone for a full hour? Yes / No
Would you be okay on the computer for an hour? Yes / No

photo: © Ileanaolaru | Dreamstime.com

Lisa SnowLisa Snow is an EFT practitioner, nutritionist and personal trainer with a focus on food intolerances and chemical sensitivity. She provides free initial consultations to review your health history and offers private/group phone or Skype EFT sessions. Find out more at eftforallergies.com.

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  • Libby

    August 16, 2011 at 8:27 am

    such great phrases! thank you so much :-)

  • Kat

    September 15, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Thanks, Lisa. Helpful phrases. Never thought of tapping on this. But other people’s attitudes can definitely be a big source of frustration.

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