A New Earth is Emerging

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I’ve had many people tell me in private that they’re scared to speak up right now because their truth could cause them to lose clients, customers, fans, etc.

Healers, artists, doctors, writers, scientists, and so many more, believing that sharing their opinions with friends, family, or social media could be their end.

Well, I want you to know, it will be an end. An end to toxic relationships, emotional suppression, and unhealthy environments where you have to contort your conscience just to survive another day.

But, it will also be a beginning. A new earth is emerging. A culture that doesn’t rely on compliance and peer pressure to remain functioning, a world where media becomes the sharing of legitimate information rather than paid ads produced on repeat to benefit small handfuls of billionaires. There is a new society of freedom seekers forming against the horizon of a quickly deteriorating system that uses the unresolved pain and suffering of the collective to create an unnecessary human divide.

Being honest is a process of purification. It eliminates predatory behavior from your life. Behavior that relies on the diminishment of your power to feel in control. It takes the burden of monitoring your every word away. And it opens a doorway to healthy, sacred connections, that will nourish your mind rather than attempt to brainwash it.

Your spirit will be set free, and as you step forward into a new chapter of uninhibited authenticity, you will find new customers, new friends, and new love, but this time relationships will be celebrated through liberated expression instead of mechanized as a tool for propagandized thinking that has no orientation to spirit, and all the hallmarks of a broken world.

Paradigms end when the belief systems that surround you no longer fit the expansive yearning of your spirit.

New paradigms unfold when you stop cramming your power into antiquated narratives that have long departed from resonating with your soul.

A new earth unfolds beneath your feet, yet you must be the one who decides to walk upon it, rather than remaining frozen in old placated structures that keep your soul from expanding into its next stage of evolution.


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