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  • Help with energy levels Help with energy levels
    Dear Susun, Do you have any tips for natural ways to keep one's energy up and get restful sleep at night?
  • Hypermenorrhea Hypermenorrhea
    Dear Susun, I have a 52 year old friend who is experiencing hypermenorrhea and has been bleeding for a little over a month. What kinds of things would you recommend for her?
  • Breast cysts / pain Breast cysts / pain
    Dear Susun, Are there any good foods and exercises I can do to help keep my hormones balanced and my breasts healthy and cancer free?
  • Pregnancy and bladder infections Pregnancy and bladder infections
    Dear Susun, I've heard that bladder infections can be common in pregnancy—can you tell me what I can do to minimize the risk of getting one while pregnant?
  • Milk thistle tincture very bitter Milk thistle tincture very bitter
    I have MCS and recently began taking milk thistle tincture before venturing into difficult environments. I've been very impressed however, the taste leaves much to be desired!
  • Herbal help for those on HRT Herbal help for those on HRT
    Dear Susun, Are there herbs that are safe to use while on HRT that can help alleviate side effects like headaches, dry eyes and edema?
  • Protecting the blood brain barrier Protecting the blood brain barrier
    Dear Susun, I'm chemically sensitive and one thing I'm wondering about is milk thistle vs. glutathione.
  • Natural lawn care Natural lawn care
    Dear Susun, What do you recommend for natural lawn care - what do you do?
  • Are mammograms worth the risk? Are mammograms worth the risk?
    Dear Susun, I'm confused about mammograms. My gut tells me that they are unnecessary and possibly even cancer-CAUSING.
  • Quitting smoking Quitting smoking
    Dear Susun, Do you have any tips on how to transition out of a nicotine addiction naturally?
  • Breast cancer free lifestyle Breast cancer free lifestyle
    Dear Susun, Can you offer some basic lifestyle guidance on how to live breast cancer free?
  • Stings and bites Stings and bites
    Dear Susun, With summer approaching, can you tell me how to best treat bug bites and bee stings naturally - what sort of things could I keep on hand in my first aid kit?
  • Wine and healing Wine and healing
    Dear Susun, Is wine okay to drink when you are healing from a health condition?
  • Need for annual checkups? Need for annual checkups?
    Dear Susun, I have been going to the dentist 2x year and gynecologist 1x year for the basic checkups. I am now questioning the need for this and am curious what your thoughts are for dental care and regular PAP smears.
  • Effects from nettle infusions? Effects from nettle infusions?
    Dear Susun, I'm almost 39 and have had pretty regular 28-day moon cycles for years, but when i recently started drinking nettle infusions, my period jumped ahead a full 2 weeks early.
  • Urban harvesting Urban harvesting
    Dear Susun, I live in a large urban area and am wondering if there is a safe distance away from traffic that needs to be adhered to when harvesting wild plants in the city.
  • Memory issues Memory issues
    Dear Susun, Lately I've noticed my memory is not as good as it used to be. My grandmother has advanced Alzheimers so I am a bit concerned.
  • Calming anxiety Calming anxiety
    Dear Susun, I am sensitive to chemicals/drugs and would like to find some natural approaches to reducing my anxieties.
  • Support for the liver Support for the liver
    Dear Susun, What do I need to know about supporting my liver? Are there good herbs to use—and any to avoid?
  • Herbs to support a 5th pregnancy Herbs to support a 5th pregnancy
    Dear Susun, I am wondering what herbs or other healing modalities you would suggest for trying to conceive. In February, I had an abortion at 24 weeks of pregnancy and suffered tremendous blood loss afterwards.
  • Dancing with cancer Dancing with cancer
    Dear Susun, A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Do you have any advice for her?
  • Lichen Sclerosus et atrophicus Lichen Sclerosus et atrophicus
    Dear Susun, I have a friend with a somewhat rare and weird skin condition called Lichen Sclerosus et atrophicus.
  • Flu Help / Boosting Immune System Flu Help / Boosting Immune System
    Dear Susun, Can you offer any suggestions for boosting the immune system naturally to avoid the flu? Thank you in advance.
  • Restless legs at night Restless legs at night
    Dear Susun, Sometimes at night after I've gone to bed, my legs feel restless and achey. Is this part of menopause? I haven't reached menopause yet but am wondering if this is a sign of early onset.
  • Tips for those with MCS Tips for those with MCS
    Dear Susun, Other than a stinging nettles infusion and avoidance, do you have any other health promoting tips for those with MCS?
  • Fertility After 40? Fertility After 40?
    Dear Susun, I turned 40 this year and still hold out hope that one day I can bear my own children. I would love to know what things I can do to improve my chances of conceiving a healthy baby once (and if) the time is right.
  • Managing intense emotion Managing intense emotion
    Dear Susun, Between life's ups and downs, the stress of chronic illness, monthly hormonal shifts, and the symptoms of MCS, sometimes I just feel the need to rage against the world.
  • Treating depression naturally Treating depression naturally
    Dear Susun, I've been living with chronic illness for a while now and struggle with depression on and off. What do you recommend for managing depression naturally?
  • Osteoporosis / bone health Osteoporosis / bone health
    Dear Susun, I have lyme disease and people have been talking about osteoporosis a lot lately. What can I do to nourish my bones and help prevent osteoporosis?
  • Tips for fibromyalgia Tips for fibromyalgia
    Dear Susun, Do you have any tips for managing fibromyalgia naturally?
  • Cooked vs. raw Cooked vs. raw
    Dear Susun, Can you tell me your thoughts on cooked foods vs. raw?
  • Seaweed Seaweed
    Dear Susun, Could you explain the benefits of seaweed and how it might benefit the health of a person with MCS and womyn in general?
  • Natural Flu Prevention / Treatment Natural Flu Prevention / Treatment
    Dear Susun, Just wondering what I can do to fend off the flu naturally this year. Much thanks!
  • Simples vs Combination Herbal Formulas Simples vs Combination Herbal Formulas
    Dear Susun, Can you tell me the difference between a simple and a combination herbal formula, and why you only seem to use simples?
  • Lymph system Lymph system
    Dear Susun, Could you explain to me the best way to use poke berries to beef up the lymph system?
  • Hair loss Hair loss
    Dear Susun, I am a post-menopausal woman and am troubled by hair loss. Is there anything that I can do, or use, that would stop this?
  • Safety of herbs Safety of herbs
    Dear Susun, Are there any basic safety guidelines for how to use herbs and what to look out for?
  • Seven medicines Seven medicines
    Dear Susun, There are so many modalities out there. How do you determine which ones to use?
  • Six steps of healing Six steps of healing
    Dear Susun, Can you review your six steps of healing? With gratitude.
  • Three traditions of healing Three traditions of healing
    I read some of your books a few years ago and loved your explanation of the "Wise Woman Way" in comparison with other systems of healing. Can you explain what those are?