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Bifido Factor by Natren

This month we are focusing on Natren Probiotics. Natren offers (4) different probiotic strains, each in a variety of forms. There are several important reasons why we recommend Natren Probiotics over other brands:

30 Years of Scientific Research

For over 30 years, Natren’s probiotic products have gone through rigorous scientific and clinical trial research by leading scientists and researchers in the field of probiotics. Natren researchers have published a number of peer-reviewed clinical and laboratory studies on probiotic viability and application over these decades.

Three Decades of Laboratory Research

Natren’s probiotic super-strains and formulations have undergone three decades of independent laboratory culturing and testing; resulting in some of the strongest and most powerful strains available. Bile tolerance and stomach acid survival tests have been conducted on each strain, and independent laboratories have confirmed Natren’s testing. Key super-strains produced by Natren include the only Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 strain independently verified to be the strain isolated and tested by Dr. Shahani; the NAS super strain that integrates within the small intestines; the Bifidobacterium bifidum Malyoth super strain that encourages large intestine wellness; the Lactobacillus bulgaricus LB-51 super strain that assists digestive functions throughout the entire intestinal tract; and the LIFESTART® bacteria, Bifidobacterium infantis NLS.*

Guaranteed Potency

Natren guarantees 100% colony forming units (cfu) potency through the printed expiration date on their probiotics. This is important because probiotics strains are competitive with each other, and so they cannot be exposed to each other in the bottle. Natren sells individually packed strains as powders and capsules, and for their 3 strains-in-1 Healthy Trinity capsules they developed a unique, proprietary TrenevProcess® which coats each probiotic particle with a proprietary oil matrix for maximum intestinal delivery. This oil matrix protects the three strains from being exposed to each other in the capsule. All of their probiotics come in amber glass bottles and are continuously refrigerated to provide extended cfu potency.*


For the past 3 decades, Natren’s probiotics have been shown to be safe and have not produced significant side-effects when administered in large quantities. Natren uses only lactic acid probiotic strains that have been safely used in fermented foods for centuries and consumed by humans for thousands of years.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Natren’s products are certified by a third-party international agency,ensuring that they meet the highest international standards for quality, safety and manufacturing protocols. Their manufacturing facilities and production operations have received International Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Certification by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which guarantees that the member governments’ regulatory agencies are enforcing standards that have been mutually endorsed and recognized by the member nations. When a manufacturer is audited by a third-party government agency, the International cGMP certification assures the customer that the label declarations have been independently validated.

Natural Ingredients

Natren’s probiotic supplements are made from only natural ingredients; without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), soil-based organisms,hormones, artificial colors, or FOS (Fructooligosaccharides).

Convenience + Reliability

Natren has developed a variety of formulations and delivery systems. Natren’s formulations target specific areas or the entire digestive tract, and utilize different strains for different purposes. Natren offers its variety of probiotic formulations in a host of innovative delivery systems, including chewable wafers, powders, capsules, creams and even yogurt starter.

Money-Back Guarantee

Natren’s probiotics come with a 90-day money-back guarantee, as noted on the product pages of their website.

Recommended by Jini Patel and Dane Johnson

Last, but not least, Natren is the brand recommended by digestive health experts Jini Patel and Dane Johnson. Both are recovered patients who almost died from digestive disease and then figured out how to heal using diet, mental health, lifestyle, alternative therapies, and targeted supplements (e.g., anti-pathogens, fiber, binders, supportive helpers). Jini is the author of Listen to your Gut, and owns a successful supplement and lifestyle company with the same name. Dane created the SHIELD Program for those recovering from Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Both Jini and Dane have guided thousands of patients with digestive disease over the years, and Natren probiotics are at the forefront of their respective protocols for gut health.

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