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Guardian Angel Double Chocolate Ice Cream

I’ve discovered a truly good-for-you, guilt-free dessert! I am excited to share about Guardian Angel Dessert Company, maker of heavenly frozen desserts that protect and strengthen. Their philosophy of “delicious defense” includes a double-pronged approach:

  1. DELETE THE DEVILS — All of their ice cream is free of dairy, gluten, grains, soy, pea/whey protein, high sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or dyes, artificial flavors, sugar alcohols, stevia, and artificial sweeteners.
  2. ADD THE ANGELS — They add in only delicious and nutritious keto and paleo friendly ingredients like coconut milk, multi-collagen protein, bioavailable vitamin C, bone broth protein, probiotics, MCT oil, allulose, monk fruit, essential oils, and all natural colors made from fruit and vegetables.

They’ve removed the common inflammatory and toxic ingredients to protect you, while adding ingredients and supplements that actually support the body and immune system.

Sample Ingredient Label


Guardian Angel avoids the use of refined sugar and instead uses the alternative sweeteners monk fruit sugar and allulose. Monk fruit sugar is a no-calorie sweetener extracted from a small round fruit that grows in southern China. Allulose is a rare sugar with the same chemical formula as fructose, and is found naturally in fruits like figs and raisins in small amounts. Because it is not absorbed by the body, it does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels and does not add many calories. It has been found to lower blood sugar levels, increase insulin sensitivity, and it may increase fat burning and help prevent obesity.


Guardian Angel currently offers six different flavors of their coconut ice cream product: Coconut Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Mint Chip, Cookies & Cream, and Pistachio. I found them all delicious (yes, I got a six-pack!) but my favorite was Cookies & Cream!

Available in six delicious flavors!

The company has been deep in product development and will soon be introducing marshmallows (yay!), cakes, and some new ice cream flavors. I can’t wait!

I first heard about Guardian Angel in a coaching program for digestive disease. It was being promoted as a great gut-healing dessert for those in the program. I later connected with the owner Andy Neale, who co-founded the company with his wife Adrienne Neale. Like many health-focused food companies, their story began with a major health challenge. Once a touring rock and roll musician, Andy Neale was struck with an autoimmune condition that came with some intense symptoms, including the loss of use of his hands. Together, Andy and Adrienne began researching diet and experimenting with ingredients to come up with a meal plan that supported his recovery. Eventually Guardian Angel was born. Andy also suffers from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) and is an ally of those with environmentally based illnesses. I love supporting friends of Planet Thrive!

I gave my local health food store a couple of pints to try, with the hopes they would start carrying this brand in their store. They loved them and I feel hopeful they will start to offer Guardian Angel in my town. I encourage you all to request your local health food stores carry Guardian Angel, too!! Or, you can order direct from their website.

Browse the website — use code “pt10” at checkout to get 10% off!


  1. Andy Neale

    Amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to research and promote our ice cream! We are blessed to help people find hope and health, while enjoying the childhood nostalgic treats that don’t harm but help the body and immune system!!!

  2. Julie

    So excited to share that my local health food store is now carrying Guardian Angel Ice Cream!!! Yahoo!!! I gave them a couple pints to sample and they loved it. I’m hoping they will fly off the shelves so they will keep reordering. If you want to try Guardian Angel ice cream, consider sharing about them with YOUR local health food stores. You can even link them to this article if you’d like! I’d love to know if any of you are successful!!

  3. Aquak

    Julie –
    I know Stephen’s reply’s to comments from buhnerhealinglyme have been moved here to planet thrive. However, the home page for b h l website had a summary for the dosages and recc sources for each herb in the protocol. I’m not finding the summary anywhere like this. Also there links to protocols for each coinfection. I’m not finding this either. Is there any published update / addendum to his books? The planet thrive site does not seem to have everything. I am afraid I can’t find what I need anymore. Please help direct me. Also, can I contact you for herbal services? Myself and my children are recently bit. I remember his old site said exactly what to do for a recent bite and I don’t have time to wait on book order, plus I’m not sure the book has most recent advice in it.

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