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  • Nerve Gas in the Living Room Nerve Gas in the Living Room
    Imagine if a company offered to sell you nerve gas to spray in your living room, or if leftover Agent Orange, watered down, was slathered on the grounds where your children go to school.
  • The Cells of My Identity The Cells of My Identity
    In a setup that was far too Oedipal, I was sleeping in a small room with my mother while visiting my sister in D.C., when I finally blurted out the news that I had a girlfriend, that I was bisexual and maybe gay.
  • The Invisible Panelist The Invisible Panelist
    Long before I became disabled at age 23, I had encounters with the unseen. Being queer gave me an innate sense of when to come out, how to hide, and how to recognize evangelistic rage.
  • Self: Ornithology: The Immune System Self: Ornithology: The Immune System
    Everywhere I go now there are crows, following | me like innuendo, their feathers fanning out ominous | as police fingerprints. | With evolutionary anthropology, | they are condemning me.
  • The Mystery and Tragedy of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome The Mystery and Tragedy of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
    These are plague years. Governments, insurance companies, even scientists—we, the people, too—are scared. Who'll fall ill next, who'll have to pay?
  • Julie and her environment: Julie and her environment:
    "...the woman in the pictures was her friend and collaborator, Clover Morell;...she could not go because of her illness. What illness could keep someone out of the Czech Republic, I wondered?"
  • Greenwashing Greenwashing
    Have you noticed over the last year how virtually every large corporation is trying to make consumers believe their products are "Earth friendly?" Everything from toxic cosmetics to smog-producing...
  • The Plastic Bag Ban The Plastic Bag Ban
    In late March, 2007, San Francisco became the first U.S. city to ban the use of plastic bags by grocery stores. For the record, I'm in favor of the San Francisco bag ban. It's the right decision...
  • umbilicus umbilicus
    nighttime at the hitching post of the sun | the absence more present than the presence | and the presence of something | previously unknown but familiar hovering
  • canary blues canary blues
    there’s a god point she said in the limbic brain | with the ability to soften perceived threats | white lawn care vans for example | into feet tingling joy pelvis goes with that | the bowl opening to receive
  • Who Is That Bubble Girl? Who Is That Bubble Girl?
    I have to live a life immaculately free of chemicals: a bubble life. And by chemicals, I mean, the crap that has infiltrated almost every known product since WWII.
  • HPV Vaccine: Texas Tyranny HPV Vaccine: Texas Tyranny
    On Friday, Feb. 2, Texas governor Rick Perry issued an executive order that bypassed the will of the people and the entire Texas legislature, mandating the vaccination of young girls with the HPV vaccine...
  • Diabetes in America Diabetes in America
    I don't know what things were like when you were growing up, but when I was a kid, I often heard the statement that if you didn't finish the food on your plate, it was some sort of humanitarian crime...
  • saying no saying no
    Every once in a while | when I’m not busy trying to adapt— | i.e. find an air filter that won’t make me sick | scrub the dryer with vinegar to get the Bounce out
  • sabbath sabbath
    you forgot that it was possible | too bogged down in the myth of industriousness | to value broken | how certain artists make ordinary beauty from their shame
  • January 2006 January 2006
    you are in the middle of | a transformational process | she said | which began 24 human months ago | does that mean it’ll end and if so how | there are no guarantees | I told my almost lover | it was cold by the window | and he walked away I wanted to too | but where would I go
  • Infiltration Infiltration
    Driving down the canyon, sun slanted, squinting, listening to Joan Didion talk about her faith, it occurs to me: this is not death, this is moving on. I repeat it over and over, never having learned this before,
  • about faith about faith
    1. Shana Tova. How has it been? he asks, | the beautiful man with the sad eyes who I see each year | on this day, in the same spot, his tallis on his | shoulders, his white kipah covering his head. | Rough, I say.
  • Via Dolorosa Via Dolorosa
    Through his powerful poetry, paintings, and testimony, Beau Riley draws a moving portrait of love between two people, each crippled in his own way: David, a paraplegic; Beau, a recovering alcoholic.